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Re: fleas in mushrooms

Yeh I hate those little bugs (Not fleas) also, but you can't avoid a few of them I guess. I am sure we have all eaten them and still live I just justify that by the time we fry the heck out of them they disappear into nothing since they are so small to begin with! But, I usually rinse my mushrooms (cut in half first) in 3 stages of salt water. Then I rinse them individually under the sink. It is a tedious process I guess, but that is what I do to get most of them out. Never saw a maggot in one! lol


State: South Dakota

Re: fleas in mushrooms

have never found springtails on a morel here in wis. just lots of taterbugs, and slugs. have found them on the hen of the woods though. i'll have to keep an eye out for them this year.

State: wi.