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[transfer] if I QQ disappeared, would you miss me

Do you want me

If I QQ disappeared, will you miss me? Will you think of me, a screen to friend, once in your life short stay, also bring you happiness, also share your sorrow, have a heart to heart talk. You will not be an occasional moonlight night, think of the screen in front of me give you hints of greetings, warm warm, perhaps, may also have one fishes let you take pity on and Heartbeat?

If I QQ gone, will you remember me? And I'll think of you, perhaps it is you, my cool pale life and become rich. Maybe I'm not too much linger on the net, is afraid of his own can't help, so that when a person himself the courage to face the lonely.

If I QQ gone, will you remember me? Think of how many lonely nights, we sit before the screen, only to watch the QQ color head, only to feel each other's existence, each other in my heart silently blessing, silently away? In those head quiet days, whether it had asked the breeze let it bring you greetings? Let me feel your mood in the breeze?

sometimes friendship is wine, through the test of time, long and more mellow, more deep thoughts; sometimes friendship is like water, calm and indifferent, to bring warm heart dried up; sometimes as a thing of the past, only occasionally in days, my shadow will be in your heart and a flash, I the wine is your heart is water or a is called "forget the past".

If I QQ disappeared, will you miss me? Like me in thinking about you, you have this feeling? Heart pain, as if there have all kinds of connections with wound feeling? Some asphyxia sweet, there are soft, subtle as a scarf across the arm gently? Recall your sweet smile, I will smile can't help feeling? I don't know how many warm similar at night, will you think of me? I think there will be long, there will be more, sweet or distressed? I really care about my Is it right? Think you, think of the past, sweet, sad, distressed, sigh, think you want to dream, go to hug you? Process time and if forget, do you like me?


Re: [transfer] if I QQ disappeared, would you miss me

I really appreciate your niche as you choose it and describe it so well. making dua for someone you love

Re: [transfer] if I QQ disappeared, would you miss me

I think this song will be used in some awesome movie with a deep and awesome ending too.
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