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Fashion upstart preferred Lenovo smartphone VIBE X


at once sensational "100 fashion items worth having," this book, Nina Garcia • The understated little black dress, Ray-Ban glasses handsome, arrogant ballet shoes, exquisite gown so enumerated, if this book is typeset in October this year, then, in addition to a rare fashion "single product" may also be included, that is intelligent high-end sub-brand's first flagship product - -! Lenovo's high-end smart phones VIBE X



design, fashion upstart


weight, thickness, and material of the curvature of the perfect fusion in order to hand the unique sense of accomplishment and the ultimate vision. Lenovo VIBE X, with soft water droplets shape design concept, 2.5D the arc of glass to create a smooth rounded body, according to the ergonomic design, the use of advanced modeling them using controllable curve, resulting in more control points making the curve more tension, the curvature of each section are different.


With body thickness of 6.9 mm, and 121 g of whole weight, VIBE X like a light fall in the hands of jade. 2.5D soft arc-like droplets of glass, with a silver shell, let VIBE X is more stylish and refined; fabric-like metal back shell design, gave birth to the unique moist texture. VIBE X unique visual impact with comfort grip, so stylish upstart label increasingly rich.



fun photos, interactive innovation


aura in fashion appearance, Lenovo smartphone VIBE X there is a happy pictures and sharing "heart", the integration of hardware and software, to capture the best quality images. Front camera with high pixel-level mainstream market - with 84 ° wide angle, easily more than the self; rear of the 13 million pixel autofocus camera with back-illuminated sensor and LED flash, so photos are not professional handicapping.


VIBE X preset super-camera version 3.5, with a number of parameter settings and rich effects to make pictures creativity without limits. Self-exclusive software developed by Legend beautiful mirror can be a key to achieve "face-lift + White + dermabrasion + big eyes" four functions to achieve the most perfect self-effects. Dazzling 5-inch screen, 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution, with ultra-wide viewing angle IPS screen, so the display Lenovo smartphone VIBE X is more delicate, more transparent.



addition, VIBE X has many innovative human-computer interaction design, complete liberation of the user hands to achieve unprecedented convenient operation experience. Unique mercury tilt dial in the state, keyboard smart aggregation, like mercury flow, user-friendly one-hand operation; novel ethereal design, support for fast one-hand operation panel, touch up. In addition, VIBE X also enables a new GUI interface, revolutionized the traditional Clover unlock,wholesale sunglasses china, create a more intimate user experience.


has MTK 1.5GHz quad-core processor VIBE X, Android 4.2 system in outstanding performance. 2GB run, 16GB/32GB optional memory, body, and 2000mAH meet user demand for the storage and endurance.


slim stylish design, professional photographs and sharing experiences, innovative interactive one-hand operation, the power of fashion is gaining momentum. Lenovo VIBE X will open on October 20 channels total sales, this October, with the VIBE X together, to witness the power of fashion upstart!



Re: Fashion upstart preferred Lenovo smartphone VIBE X

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Re: Fashion upstart preferred Lenovo smartphone VIBE X

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