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A Story on the incredible news

A Story on the incredible news


A Story on the incredible news
International Affairs in Modern History lessons for serious researchers & students at the Faculty of History, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EF.- Fax: 01223 3 35968, extra fax: Fax: 01223 3 35968 Cambridge University, BRITANNIA / A Story on the incredible news

¤ Guess, what is her professsion?! She is waiting here in Arbetsförmedlingen (officially bureau for jobseekers)...
¤ It's better she contunie as seeker outside of office. Her profession...well, I can not say here...
-Tv Independent Laponia-Universal broadcasting/Redactional Warning: Attention, please! Tele-Mafia TELIA&Sonera steal your sensitive infos, private affairs i.e. credite codes, passwords etc etc and marketizing such integrity material to the kinky power of the ZOG!-
Polit-whoores machinery: ZOG, Zionist Crimes against Humanity:

Mike Oldfield - Let there be light (remix) - Utena AMV

or children who were been massacred by Zionist Imperialismfor children who were been massacred by Zionist Imperialism
Let there be light / Mike Oldfield

>for children who were been massacred by Zionist Imperialism>for children who were been massacred by Zionist Imperialism
Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells III premiere live in london part 1

for children who were been massacred by Zionist Imperialismfor children who were been massacred by Zionist Imperialism
ladies night at regency manor -emad batayeh

for Braveheart Warrior Basher Al ASSADfor Braveheart Warrior Basher Al ASSAD
Frimurare Filippa REINSECT got talent, she get swinger pass for a really hot hot hot frog dance with lounge member A-gay BEHRING BREIVIK

More documentary films at the-Incredible News online TV
There is no dicta regimes without corrupted cold bloody sadistic dictator Police system
Today's quote:
In all normal democracies it is the individual's own thing to format their opinions. This Jew-controlled SWECIA PornoKingdom is the uniformed police dogs moonlighting source of profit and prosecutor because assignments to ownership sects to persecute people who turn out to be dissidents. It is not written in the law .... Even worse, ending up in a hyena-like animal fucking FREQUENCY perverse product Prosecutor binder which itself has no human opinions alls. / ANONYMOUS who themselves were punished for years because you never wanted to think simmet risk with prostitutes a $ $ licked prosecutor who is still in Norrköping system brothel the sign bit wrong XXX

¤ Masonry Jewry Masonic Alliance thugs who rape Swedish people in all directions should be arrested not the gullible poor fellow Assange!


- Police formats culture of the satellite countries
- How would it be?
- They crush your door chasing computers and identifies what you think and what you should think ...

Yes, SweCIA's Jew-ruled corrupt police has head, but brain!

Sadist NATO staff is kidding..


It's the incredible news
A Story on the incredible news
There are law and journalism common destiny that you become hated when it reveals the power corruption. Everything else is just fake ... True underlying cause of the nifty rulers mobilize their uniformed two-legged dogs against honest people that just break it down revealing the figure ...
- It is not necessary to be an astronaut to see the official shit in their entirety, look at the attacking side on the Internet. The brave man's genius character is sufficient to understand what annoys corrupt authorities in this country, satellite ..
- Get to read together! Here you are!

Corruptio.se driven by a number of experienced writers who soon come to realize that Sweden has become a mendacious and självförhärligat country of them guiding forces and ordinary citizens deliberately withheld important information, that the media (television, radio and press) in the country is total controlled (blah press subsidies) and governed by, among other things the government and authorities.

Government, state and public authorities have the audacity as a weapon against its citizens when outright lies presented in the media of trying times concealing his own crime.

In dictatorships around the world disappears, is imprisoned or murdered dissidents, but Sweden is the perfect dictatorship that uses the most effective weapon in the world, namely "the total denial and total silence "...." what is not seen or heard. ...... is not "....

The state invests an incredible amount to hide scandals sweeping shit under the carpet, it can cost just about anything ... Money is plentiful.

The government's brainwashing of citizens and control of the media have all created one of the world's most efficient dictatorships. All scandals silenced effectively in all areas within 48 hours.

Total committed and driven police / prosecutor helping to clog and to cover up its own crimes against the citizens ...

Police chiefs who have a monthly salary of 75000kr/månad

Newspapers chefsredaktörers salary 85000kr/månad

Press subsidies of 500 million / year

A system built by politicians for politicians, these politicians are everywhere at all levels and instances ....( 77,000 pcs )..... all help each other ...... also Judgement forces that really control the country, they force you do not see .... that's in the background who also directs and controls the present Government.

Could it be more effective ...? This can be fully comparable with the structure of a mafia .....

Dear citizens, it is now time to wake up from slumber and see the reality in the face! We did writers for a long time ago ........ woke up one morning and realized how it all behind ....

"Authentic journalism is telling people something That The Government Does not want Them to know." - Gary Webb.

- That is the reason that two-legged dogs chasing computers instead of hunting pedophiles, bank robbers, murderers, their heads almost all embezzlers, pedo prosecutors, rape prone judges who sit on laws ....
- In a fully functioning democracy candidates people such respectable figures to the police minister's mission, but unfortunately transformed Sweden such a brothel that honest people who hunted instead of the criminals ...
- I fully agree! In such a dirty system used police officers as well as Anna Ardin's used condoms ... This means that those who mobilized against journalists should oppose the holding power.
- Unfortunately, those heroic characters found only in movies and romance novels are not of this Jew-controlled Sweden's pig-like police. They can only destroy weak individuals' door to steal unusable computers. They can akdrig dream to do real work against dominant Bilderberg's mafia.
- That's it! My little dog is more humanitarian and more respectful than syststemets skìttare Official creatures ...
- Scary!
- Recommended reading get rich pages of Coruptio journalists inannan they be attacked by hyenas above ...
- Sure! I would like to list out here some similar facts-rich pages, this example:

Corruptio.se reveals the power!

Journalistic information is presented concerning the oversight of the government, the state, rulers and authorities in Sweden.

It usually withheld Swedish citizens are presented now open on this site ...... journalistic information for the public's knowledge!

- I have read some of the prior police dogs attacking sides to cover up the truth. Earlier I thought that Corruptio journalists have some facts that annoys corrupt official switch-elite. Now, I was quite sure that Corruptio Journalists shows only the tip of the dirty iceberg and they chased honest disclosure has been 100% correct. Therefore it is no wonder that two-legged dogs chasing their computers instead of their power abusers perverso pedophiles!
- People should stop being drugged by the Jewish Bonnier media and see truth naked face of these revealing pages!
- It happens! Yesterday was occupied Wall Street brothel is not to be surprised tomorrow destroyed Alliance and dog huts which feletiketterade police station ...
. Did you know that there are some avatar in the world on the Internet, write the Swedish Police Department will forward an image; whorehouse!
- It will not surprise me anymore because I'm a victim of the witnesses who saw the corrupt jackals true face! They deserve the world's most offensive avatar, not least as orphans in the title.


- If I would have a milligram democratic right to open your mouth, I would express my point of view on certain official masked business ...
- Well, everyone has heard, it's democratic country. Opinions should not be jailed, say free!
- Both Olof Palme, Anna Lindh and poor Christer Pettersson were been assassinated by the corrupt police of NWO
- Shut up you fucking sick Nazi schizophrenic psychopath terrorist Taliban Communist Al-Assad's supporters Ahmadinejad's agent Wikileaks violence intended suspected anti-semtic anti-sentetic idiot! You should be excluded from working life like a kind life convicted!
-??! ??! ?!



It's scandalously unveiled that 99% police reports which making people jobless in the fake democracy circus; Sweden is number on in such shitty laboratories... Corrupted fag police piggies are usually persecuting the honored dissidents and intellectuals... Jew dominated NWO Imperialism loves brain damaged horrnies, not clever people. In such dicta systems the Police uses like crushed condoms of Anna ARDIN; also, such basterd Police catch computers instead of catching it's own paedofil chiefs, thief prosecutors, fraud bluffjurist judges, bank robbery criminals, massmurderers, imported sect members; more screamy, it's always unveiled all thesee thugs are the collaborators with "legalized Mafia". Uniformed staff uses like officialy whoores of NWO. And SweCIA PornoKingdom is the most demasked scandal laboratory under it's owner the Military Mafia U$rael, therefore there is no single one honored staff in the officially rooms of this ZOG-gy Bordello.

- No justice no respect!
- I agree with you! My little dog is more respectful than Sweden's higher court pedo-judges!
- Definitely!


Piss of the Zionist Media lie fabrications! This is the bloody truth: Brainwashed American lego-soldiers and Sweden'slikely mediatic-druged robotics still dying for Israel
Apes always been loved by the boss of weapon markets
Syrian Armed Forces are ready to fucck NWO Jewish basterds

Do you believe in Masonry Jewry Alliance whoores can be able to bit Bashar Al-ASSAD's penix?..
When I look the army power of Syria so I can be sure this time REINFELDT can miss it's piggy theet... Poor Saddam HUSSEIN had no such power and poor Muammar Al-QADDAFHI was been attacked by all kind doggies and piggies. But this time we testimony really Filippa REINFEGIS can not mess with this well-utrusted power of Syrian people
This time traitor Reinfegis can only send it's two-legged dogs catching honored Independent Journalists' computers
- And therefore my computer seems like a dilldo, ready to be use to the anus holes of REINFELDT's horrny children! And I prepared Anna ARDIN's most loved condoms, too. Like a kind extra gift to NWO pigs...
- I see, your computer looks exatly big penix, very special designed because of this Zionist democracy turned to a$$hole
- As you see! They's take it and use their mothers or their childrens' useful holes...
- Ready for just using like Filippa REINFELDT's rutin-sex-toy packet?
- Definitely! It's very new design in this libero market, what they understand better.
- Congratulations! You know the animals' language on practice way... Wonderful idea to design computer like a ready penix for "uniformed computer thieves" of pig-farm-ocracy!
No comment!


My favorite quote of the day: from French foreign ministry
So the spokesperson of the French foreign ministry said that foreign intervention is necessary to preserve the "peaceful character" of the Syrian uprising. So basically, NATO bombs and rockets are required to preserve the peaceful character of the Syrian uprising. This is really classic. In other news, Saudi government announced that beheadings of women is necessary for the promotion of women's rights in the kingdom.
Posted by As'ad AbuKhalil on November 16, 2011

- In fact; Weapon industry can not exist without lies; well-planned officially lies for instance the famous Halabja-chemical-massacre fables what the Jewish pilots of NATO Incirlik base realized, not the poor Saddam Hussein...


Reinfeldt bought sex! 3 december 2012
Taggar: sex scandal reinfeldt prostitued premier minister
Fredrik Reinfeldt i prostituerads kundregister
Var är mediadrevet nu då?
Varför plockas inte detta upp och skrivs om med jätterubriker?
Bör inte han som varande statsminister uttala sig?
Förklara sig?
Här snackar vi SCANDAL! ft
Johanna SVENSSON svarar och bekräftar: Judestyrda SweCIA PornoKingdom's frimurare premieren basterd Fredrik REINFELDT prostituerade för 1.600-SEK, bevisat av BordellMammelen.



This is the Military Mafia U$rael's dicta metod in Sweden: dissident-patriot+honored intellectual figures' children hunted by the two-legged NWO police-pigs. Alliance Mafia's Masonry Jewry democracy:

Shame on you basterd Police animalos bittches!.And I am fuccking your shìteater doggy Prosecutors and Pedo whoore product Judges! If it's democracy then I am fuccking whoore Filippa REINSECT's bitcch children so it can be more democracy on their facials faces!
Amnesty InternaZional can not see such panoramas; because Amnesty's all staff is corrupted Zionist whoore products! I am fuccking viciously heda of brainless basterd Fredrich REINFELDT! So his shìtty head can be more democratic pig-head!
¤ Frankly, Swedish people never show respect to the police+prosecutor and judges!
¤ Swedish people knows their real pervers value level and people always throw stones to these pedo-piggies!
¤ I love Swedish people really so much especially they throw bigger stones to the bigger heads of officially animalos!
¤ If BEHRING BREIVIK's friend Reinfeldt is not Fascist, then Dracula is Jesus Christ!
¤ I understand you! He is frimurare barbar!
¤ Even my real dog has honor but Alliance members!


Alliance meant legalized bribery allies of the two-legged-polit-jackals
of Freemason Mafia almost allied around the thieves' centers like Rotary Lions Stock Exchange organizations... They still misuse all kind democratic institutions, shìtting on constitutions of all countries and they immediately should be arrested!
- No comment!


OBAMA Bin LADIN's uncles liberated Polonia from Russian soldiers?!

Obama gets in On the Holohoax Stories - Lies about Auschwitz Work Camp
Incredile amateur lies; he said he had an irish uncle,now a ww2 uncle fly to the jungles of Kenya, pardon, Treblinka!

Even Liar Elie WIESEL laugh at OBAMA! It's Guinness Records level just after George WC BUSH.
- Blind ape CAN think that whole world is blind!


It's the most MADiatic extra ordinary incredible news http://desertpeace.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/believe-it-or-not4.jpg
International Affairs in Modern History lessons for serious researchers & students at the Faculty of History, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EF.- http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSm4UvJsicAWBV1UGhoON7wvA8tuuHiSSPGXM4nUKzevKFlZj0O4Q Fax: 01223 3 35968, extra fax: Fax: 01223 3 35968 Cambridge University, BRITANNIA / A Story on the incredible news http://desertpeace.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/believe-it-or-not4.jpg
Every human has rights,
but Scandinavians; because
Scandinavians been created by the Talmudian God to be owned by Jews and be servant under imported criminals,
sometimes been deadly fuccked by all kind imported Cannnibals...
And Swedes are the World's most brainwashed flock, giving money to the imported executors who robbing hunting violating Swedish children...
And Swedes are the World's most incredible idiotic flock, giving houses to the imported Negros and Terrorist Arabs meanwhile their forgotten children dying in the cold winter because 34 000 Swedish children still going homeless...
Therefore, we demand: UN+EU+NATO should bomb the houses of the Frimurare Alliance traitors!
NATO MUST bomb the houses of snakes for intance it'll be wonderful beginning demolishing the houses of the Traitor Family REINSECT!


Sibeliusgången 28, lgh. 1506,
164 77 Kista-Stockhomo city, SweCIA PedoKingdom
Dismissed Amir was born 19530213 an he came to Sweden, 1984th After KTH university education, he became suspicious that he shares dissident brochures.
"Then he became free a prisoner that was husarret without any official accusing. His group who all participate in activities against Iran while the only criticizing only the Jew-controlled satellite cou