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Anyone think this would work...?

Is it feasable to do some kind of bracket based movie poll on this board? I'm not sure if it's realistic to expect people to view two movies in a week to participate.

If I ran it, there wouldn't be qualifying rounds the same way there is for other polls. Instead, I would have people sign up to be part of nomination, then everyone who signed up would vote movies directly into the draw in a round robin. That way we'd be voting among everybody's personal favorites.

Re: Anyone think this would work...?

I'd be up for trying it out. Maybe instead we could do post 1970 movies to ensure that more people would have seen the films? But, maybe more people have seen the classics. Whatever you want to do, I'll play. I never think it's a bad thing when people vote when they've seen or heard one thing they love and haven't seen/heard the other one. How likely is it that the movie they haven't seen will trump one of their favorites? There's a chance but I'd rather somebody vote rather than not vote for their favorite.

Re: Anyone think this would work...?

Sounds cool. I probably will have seen only a fraction of the movies that are in the bracket, but I would like to see how it goes down.

Re: Anyone think this would work...?

One way to increase the odds more people have seen movies is to require two nominations instead of one. Just, everybody sends me a top X films. I look at everybody's first place, then everybody's second place, etc until there are 64 films that have been mentioned twice.

If there isn't enough enthusiasm for this approach I'd also be up for doing a 00's movies poll at the end of the year. Although I'd prefer to find a way to set it up as a bracket to cancel out the 'most viewed' advantage.