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Favorite TV shows?

Hi everyone, I was just wondering what TV shows the AM community is digging right now. I've been watching a lot of TV since i've been out of school and have been thinking of some of my favorites. Here is my short list...

Lost: This has shot to the top of my list since i've started watching it. The show has great characters and a really in depth and interesting mythology. I love how each Also, rewatching some of the episodes recently I am actually getting the impression that the writers actually know what they are doing here, and that the final season wont end up being a gigantic cop out.

Battlestar Galactica: I've only seen a couple episodes of the 80s series which was way before my day, but the reboot of this show is pretty solid. The show feels very relevant and plausible for a show about humans vs. robots.... IN SPACE!! I feel like the last season though was very weak as the writers got very very metaphysical and threw in a huge deus ex machina at the end.

X-files: One of my favorite shows back in the day. It strikes a great balance between the serialized style of shows like BSG and Lost, and more stand alone style shows. It's clear that the overarching conspiracy mulder and scully were investigating was never planned out very well but there were some classic monster of the week episodes

Twilight Zone: Some cheesy episodes here but the good ones were so good. Plenty of awesome stories in this series.

The Simpsons: My favorite animated show of all time.

Re: Favorite TV shows?

Dexter: on showtime. it is the best tv show i've ever seen in my life. it's incredibly addicting about a lovable serial killer that works forensics at the miami police department. i cannot recommend this highly enough. get season 1 on dvd and prepare to be an addict!

It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia: a pretty genius comedy about 4 friends that own a bar. the show deals with all society's awkward moments and issues. it's really great though i think it's magic is wearing thin. it started off a low budget tv show that got picked up by FX and has since attracted Dani Devito to act in it.

Re: Favorite TV shows?

Stuff on right now:

Big Bang Theory
South Park

Stuff off the air but semi-recent:

King of the Hill (What a crock that this was cancelled for a Family Guy spinoff)
The Wire

Re: Favorite TV shows?

I just picked up both seasons of Carnivale and have been watching them. God, I wish HBO would let the creators finish the story in some form.

Re: Favorite TV shows?

Right now with it being summer I've only been watching The Colbert Report and the first few episodes of Hung.

Some shows I'm looking forward to starting again are:
The Office

I'll probably also tune into:
Mad Men
The Big Bang Theory

Re: Favorite TV shows?

Hung has been ok so far and I think it has potential to be pretty good.

Re: Favorite TV shows?

Hung has been ok so far and I think it has potential to be pretty good.

I agree with you on both points. It is early and it stands out amongst other summer fare. I will continue to watch it for the rest of the season and hope for the best.

Re: Favorite TV shows?

Current shows/just ended shows:

-Battlestar Galactica
My favorite scifi of all time. I love how it sums up the extremes of the human condition. I wish they had a better resolution than 'God did everything' though. Lone Gunmen: I think most of the last season was great. It's only the last thirty minutes I have a problem with. Some of the early prophecies make no sense if most of humanity doesn't get blown up.

I never lost faith that they had a master plan they were working toward. The show keeps throwing you for loops and I can't wait for the last season.

House has been declining since it peaked in the second season, but I still enjoy it. House says a lot of the things I'd like to say only more meanly. He challenges you to consider cold reality against the facade of modern society and all the things we prefer to believe. The show presents both sides of the argument and doesn't take either. And the writing is just plain hilarious.

Another show that challenges your morals. It asks you the core question: Is Dexter a positive force in the universe? He's murdering people, but only people who murder innocent people. But he's not doing it to be noble, he's doing it because he really enjoys murdering people. But the cold hard fact is, a lot of innocent people are still alive because he's doing it.

-Nurse Jackie
Edie Falco is brilliant, the writing is brilliant. The show isn't about her being a nurse, it's about her trying to balance all the different aspects of her life with her unrelenting messiah complex.

-South Park
Yeah, it's preachy. It still manages to stay original after 13 years and gets huge laughs for me every episode. Just goes over the top with the grossness too often.

Older shows:

-Star Trek: The Next Generation
From seasons 3-7, about 70% of the episodes were incredible. And Patrick Stewart is the best actor ever to play in Star Trek.

-Twin Peaks
The owls are not what they seem. Oh, why couldn't they just give this brilliant show one more season so it could have a real ending?

-The Sopranos
I think it drastically declined in quality after season three. The first three seasons were pure brilliance, but afterwards there were more filler episodes, too many of the good characters were gone and not replaced with better ones, and it got too predictable who was going to die. But Sopranos is the show that most raised the artistic bar for television shows.

-The Prisoner
I AM NOT A NUMBAAAH! I AM A FREE MAN! Another great show with a really bad ending.

-Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister
Have you seen In The Loop? Every episode is that, only without swearing.

-Monty Python's Flying Circus
Brillaint absurdity.

-Simpsons early years
Oh how brilliant the show used to be.

-Twighlight Zone
Invented over half the currently existing scifi cliches. TZ came on back when TV viewers had an attention span. They could slowly work up character development to a huge payoff instead of having to have excitement in the first 30 seconds

Lower tier of good shows:
The Office, The Office, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Stargate (RDA era only), Roseanne, Noir (Anime), Simpsons (Later years), Family Guy (Pre-cancellation only), CSI (Original only), West Wing.

Re: Favorite TV shows?

I watched the first episode of Dexter and need to watch more I guess. I've heard nothing but good about it but it definitely challenges my beliefs.

Re: Favorite TV shows?

Everybody Hates Chris is hilarious. Chris Rock is a great comedian.