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Heads up to RYM users

Film is in it's beta stages! They are allowing you to rate movies and they show up on your home page but there isn't a nice layout like the music.

Re: Heads up to RYM users

I'm surprised at how much has been done already. Not too many people seem to be using it yet though, and it's kind of tough to recommend it to a non-RYM user because it isn't really good for personal cataloging yet. But, the charts are really excellent. It'll be interesting to see how they develop as more people start to use it. I think it's already better than any other film catalog site just because of how simple it is.

Re: Heads up to RYM users

I can't find the movies page on RYM

Re: Heads up to RYM users
Re: Heads up to RYM users

hahahahaha oh my god, the big lebowski is #29! RIGHT ON!

Re: Heads up to RYM users

I think it's going to shape up to be a very useful chart just like the RYM charts. I don't trust IMDB charts very much and I usually don't agree with Rotten Tomatoes very much either- critics or users.

Re: Heads up to RYM users

It's about where it needs to be now. It now looks the same as the music box on your personal page. You can type in your personal rating explanations as well but it doesn't look like it has been coded to show in the ratings section yet. But, I'd say this is pretty great now and I'd recommend anybody who was waiting to take the plunge to go for it.