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A WILD question for Charlie Driggs

"Charlie Driggs" has been posting in the forum for a while now, and I have to ask - I'm assuming that you took your username from Jeff Daniels' character in Jonathan Demme's 1986 film SOMETHING WILD, and I just want to verify that. If so, kudos to you, sir, for having the good taste to appreciate what I think is the single most criminally underrated American film of the last thirty years.

If you haven't seen SOMETHING WILD - which, presumably, most of you haven't - please try to do so, because I doubt you'll be disappointed. It has the trappings of what was a familiar kind of movie in the Eighties - repressed yuppie (Daniels) gets shanghaied into road trip by free-spirited chick (a never-better Melanie Griffith) who teaches him what life's all about - but it goes in all sorts of dizzyingly unpredictable directions, particularly after the introduction of Griffith's unhinged ex-husband (a truly menacing Ray Liotta, in his first major performance).

The screenplay (by one E. Max Frye, who was never really heard from again) gives all three lead characters unexpected layers of depth and complexity, but what makes SOMETHING WILD a masterpiece is Demme's direction, which impressively manages to both navigate the extreme tonal shifts with effortless control and give the film a loose, life-caught-in-passing quality that lets it breathe.

AND, because it's a Jonathan Demme film, it has tons of incredible music, including numerous creative variations on "Wild Thing" and a hilarious appearance by The Feelies (the GOOD EARTH lineup) as a high-school reunion '70s cover band.

Re: A WILD question for Charlie Driggs

You're completely right, Harold. Alias Charlie Driggs is a homage to the wonderful and underrated film of Jonathan Demme, its main character and all those who know that a broken nose ain't gonna kill them. The movie is number 11 on my list.