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Important info about Moderately Acclaimed poll

Judging by the fact people are still voting for all eight when they send me votes, it looks like not everybody has read up on the conversation in the elimination draw post.

Because multiple people have said they would have an easier time participating if it were four matchups at a time instead of eight, that's what we're doing.

I also pushed back the first deadline by two days to Tuesday at midnight board time so people have more of a chance to listen up on the first four matchups.

The only votes being closed on Tuesday are:
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour vs Bridgitte Fontaine - Comme a la Radio
The Cure - Faith vs Electric Light Orchestra - New World Record
Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend vs Ry Cooder - Paris, Texas
Pavement - Wowee Zowee vs Tom Petty - Wildflowers

And for those of you who haven't heard that many of the albums in the draw, don't feel like you can't only vote for one or two matchups in a week if those are the only ones you feel qualified to. What's most important to me is people are voting for the albums they love.

Any votes already cast for the next four will be saved until next week. The votes I have so far are:

John, sonofsamiam, Greg, VanillaFire1000, Harold Wexler, myself, Henrik, and Netjade.