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Mp3 Tagging Help

I imagine many of you have huge digital libraries and know a lot about computers.


Does anybody know whether there is a good way to automatically tag all of the mp3s in my library in a consistent fashion? I was hoping there might be a script that would access a database (like All Music) for genre and year of release information.

Re: Mp3 Tagging Help

I've been searching for this as well and while there are automatic taggers they do more harm than good. Tagrunner is about the best one out there because it allows you to change back if it didn't get it right, but that kind of defeats the purpose of auto tagging.

Re: Mp3 Tagging Help

I'd love to say that I could help you with some sort of auto-tagging feature, but sadly no. And for someone like me who has close to 22,000 songs on his computer, that would be VERY helpful. However, I've found that I actually get some enjoyment out of looking through allmusic.com to get all the right info (genre, year, album, composer(s), etc.). If you're looking for help though, I'd be happy to do what I can. Let me know.

Re: Mp3 Tagging Help

i use Music Brainz Picard

(make sure that you add the album art downloader)

it's by no means fullproof, but has a very good DB and the tagging is very customizeable.

hope it works for you

Re: Mp3 Tagging Help

Thanks Nicholas. That's a cool program. It won't go through an fix all my tags automatically, but it's helpful.

Re: Mp3 Tagging Help

Thanks Picard (that's a French name ! Here Picard is a brand of frozen food)

Picard saved my geek's life !

Re: Mp3 Tagging Help

I've had problems with Picard. A lot of times it splits albums into separate releases.