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Deep Cuts

“Deep Cuts” – Your favorite songs from acclaimed artists that are not amongst their most popular offerings.

Some of my favorite deep cuts:

The Jam: Mr Clean - Not a great song from a technical stand point but I love the raw anger…defines seething…

Wilco: Kamera – enjoy the contrast to the vibe of the song and the lyrics.
Kingpin – funky in a bluesy way – not the best song on the album but it’s the grooviest…

Sex Pistols: No Feelings – The anthem for my alter ego

Replacements: Never Mind - Unfortunately the anthem for my early dating years

The Rollingstones: Moonlight Mile – Not exactly a “little known” song but I don’t think it’s as acclaimed as it should be – the stones most “beautiful” song.

Fugazi Ex-spectator – the drums take the song to another level.

Ike & Tina Turner – Every Day I Have To Cry – I prefer it to river deep…

Stevie Wonder – Evil – In lesser hands this song could come across as preachy and trite. Stevie pulls it off – heart wrenching.

Re: Deep Cuts

The Beach Boys- It's About Time. The forgotten cut from an album mostly ignored in the U.S. at its release and a strong argument that the BB weren't ready yet to be irrelevant musically. A great Dennis rocker.

Re: Deep Cuts

Van Morrison - And the Healing Has Begun (Into the Music)

Lucinda Williams - Maria & Sharp Cutting Wings (Happy Woman Boys)

Valley Winter Song (Welcome Interstate Mgrs)& Troubled Times (Utopia Parkway) Fountains of Wayne

You are not needed now - (High Low and In between) Townes Van Zandt

Old 97s Drag it Up album - (The entire album is an underrated gem.

Agree with Moonlight Mile, loved it in the movie by the same name.

Re: Deep Cuts

Radiohead- Talk Show Host
Honestly, this song is incredible yet continuously overlooked.

Radiohead- Life in a Glasshouse
One of the best ways to end an album....
too bad nobody pays much attention to it.

Pixies- Hey
For some reason, this song has always been rather compelling for me.

Beach Boys- I Know There's An Answer
One of the best from Pet Sounds IMO

Beatles- Run For Your Life
I almost feel the I shouldn't like this song, yet I simply can't resist it.

The Clash- Hateful
Right up there with London Calling and Train In Vain as best songs off London Calling.

David Bowie- Lady Stardust
Simply put, it's a very emotional song for me

Re: Deep Cuts

Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand
I can't decide what I like most about this song. Maybe it's the intro/outro, the confessional storytelling, or maybe the backwards guitar loops. Jimi certainly gets paid his dues as a guitarist, but I feel that too many people overlook him as a songwriter.

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Not a deep cut at all, but I don't think it gets near the appreciation it deserves. It's just so good.

The Rolling Stones - The entire Their Satanic Majesties Request album
What can I say, I really like this album. Maybe it's just my love of psychedelic rock, but this is one of (or is it) the only Stones album from the 60s not in AMs top 3000.