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EOY-List TREBLE (US) (Songs)

50. Los Campesinos! "My Year in Lists"
49. Deerhoof "The Tears and Music of Love"
48. Estelle featuring Kanye West "American Boy"
47. Shearwater "The Snow Leopard"
46. Neon Neon "I Told Her on Alderaan"
45. Lupe Fiasco "Hip-Hop Saved My Life"
44. Aeroplane featuring Kathy Diamond "Whispers"
43. The Walkmen "On the Water"/ "In the New Year"
42. Death Cab for Cutie "I Will Possess Your Heart"
41. No Age "Eraser"
40. TV on the Radio "Crying"
39. Q-Tip "Gettin' Up"
38. Friendly Fires "Paris"
37. Vampire Weekend "Walcott"
36. Gutter Twins "Idle Hands"
35. Wolf Parade "California Dreamer"/ "Kissing the Beehive"
34. Portishead "We Carry On"
33. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!"
32. Hot Chip "One Pure Thought"
31. Atlas Sound "Recent Bedroom"
30. Ladytron "Ghosts"
29. Cadence Weapon "Real Estate"
28. The Presets "This Boy's In Love"
27. TV on the Radio "Family Tree"
26. MGMT "Electric Feel"
25. Vampire Weekend "A-Punk"
24. Fleet Foxes "Ragged Wood"
23. Port O'Brien "I Woke Up Today"
22. Deerhunter "Agoraphobia"
21. Hercules and Love Affair "Blind"
20. Cut Copy "Lights & Music"
19. Vivian Girls "Where Do You Run To?"
18. No Age "Teen Creeps"
17. Hercules and Love Affair "Hercules' Theme"
16. Gang Gang Dance "House Jam"
15. Department of Eagles "No One Does It Like You"
14. Hot Chip "Ready For the Floor"
13. Okkervil River "Lost Coastlines"
12. Beach House "Gila"
11. Cut Copy "Out There On the Ice"
10. Santogold "L.E.S. Artistes"
09. British Sea Power "No Lucifer"
08. The Dodos "Fools"
07. Shearwater "Rooks"
06. M83 "Kim & Jessie"
05. Portishead "The Rip"
04. Deerhunter "Nothing Ever Happened"
03. Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal"
02. Bon Iver "Skinny Love"
01. M83 "Graveyard Girl"