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EOY list: ADN.ES


1. PJ Harvey - White Chalk
2. Panda Bear - Person pitch
3. Los Planetas - La leyenda del espacio
4. Arcade Fire - Neon bible
5. Robert Wyatt - Comicopera
6. Astrud - Tú no existes
7. Justice - †
8. Burial - Untrue
9. Refree - Els invertebrats
10. Battles - Mirrored
11. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro - TAB
12. Jens Lekman - Night falls over Kortedala
13. M.I.A. - Kala
14. The Horrors - Strangehouse

Re: EOY list: ADN.ES

Thanks Otis! However, I found another EOY list on the same site.
Which is the "combined critics" one?
Also, are the lists really ordered?

Re: EOY list: ADN.ES

Well, I don’t know what otis thinks, but:
- The list he sent is called is called “nuestros mejores discos del año” (“our best albums of the year”) and apparently is ranked.
- The list you mention, Henrik, is called “la otra lista de discos del año” (“the other list of albums of the year”) and is a mix of lists from musicians (Raül Fernández, Fran Gayo) and critics (Víctor Lenore, Darío Manrique). Aparently they culled a ranked Top 5 from these lists.

Maybe you should use the first list (although it’s not specified how many critics made it).

Re: EOY list: ADN.ES

Gracias a Honorio por la aclaración.

Acabo de llamar por teléfono al periódico ADN para aclararlo:

La lista que colgué ("nuestros mejores discos del año") está elaborada con los votos de los redactores del periódico y es un ránking. Ésta es la lista que puede tener en cuenta Herrik.

Tiene de especial que mezcla tanto internacionales como españoles, sin complejos y, en mi opinión, con muy buen criterio.

La otra lista ("la otra lista de discos del año") es más bien el resultado de la opinión de músicos y artistas, pero yo la considero una lista de "readers" y que, por tanto, no debe de tener en cuenta Henrik.

Me han dicho que aclararán esto en la página web del periódico.

Pido a Honorio la traducción de todo esto.


Os deseo a todos un 2008 lleno de preciosas melodías, de ruidos apabullantes y de ritmos enloquecidos.

Re: EOY list: ADN.ES

I’ll translate it gladly, Otis:

“I just phoned DNA Magazine to clarify it:
The list called “our best albums of the year” is made with the votes of the newspaper magazine writers and it’s a ¿? (don’t understand this word, sorry). This is the list that Henrik must take into account.
The special thing is the mix international and Spanish albums, without inferiority complex and in my opinion with correct choices.
The other list (“the other list of albums of the year”) is rather the result of votes and opinion of artists so I would consider it a “readers” list. So Henrik must not take this one into account.
They told me that they will clarify this in their web-page.
I wish you all a 2008 filled with precious melodies, overwhelming noises and crazy rhythms”

Re: EOY list: ADN.ES

I guess the word you missed in Otisredding message is "ranking"

Re: EOY list: ADN.ES

Many thanks, guys!

I still wonder though if the list is ranked or just numbered. I think I'll just assume that it's an unranked list (with page numbers). OK?

Re: EOY list: ADN.ES

Apparetly the guys from the newspaper told otisredding it was a ranking

Re: EOY list: ADN.ES

I read your translation but somehow didn't take in the message...ranking it is then!

Re: EOY list: ADN.ES

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