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Supernova Pop Best of 2007

A Spanish web-zine

International albums (http://www.supernovapop.com/reportaje/68/Lo-Mejor-de-2007--Internacional.html):
1. PJ HARVEY “White Chalk”
2. PANDA BEAR “Person Pitch”
3. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM “Sound of Silver”
4. MODEST MOUSE “We Were Dead Even Before the Ship Even Sank”
5. ARCADE FIRE “Neon Bible”
6. RADIOHEAD “In Rainbows”
7. VIC CHESNUTT “North Star Deserter”
8. LES SAVY FAV “Let’s Stay Friends”
9. GRINDERMAN “Grinderman”
10. THE NATIONAL “Boxer”

Spanish albums (http://www.supernovapop.com/reportaje/67/Lo-Mejor-de-2007--Nacional.html):
1. LOS PLANETAS “La leyenda del espacio”
2. TRIÁNGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO “Triángulo de amor bizarro”
3. LAGARTIJA NICK “El shock de Leia”
4. LA CASA AZUL “La revolución sexual”
5. MANOS DE TOPO “Ortopedias bonitas”
6. GRANDE-MARLASKA “El momento de hacer”
7. THE SUNDAY DRIVERS “Tiny Telephone”
8. AROAH “El día después”
10. MADEE “L'Antarctica”

Re: Supernova Pop Best of 2007

I accidentally discovered the Sunday Drivers when I was in Spain 3 years ago and I'm so glad to see that they made the list. The new album is pretty freakin' good.

Re: Supernova Pop Best of 2007

Haven't heard the new album yet, but 2004’s “Little Heart Attacks” is a very good album. Sunday Drivers is a power-pop band from Toledo (yes, the “original” and beautiful Spanish city).