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Magic Magazine eoy list

Here are 2 eoy lists I picked today in French magazines.

The first is from Magic, a magazine that describes itself as "Revue pop moderne". Well, this is another white only indie rock snobbish lists like so many, first I didn't want to post it but damn I'm too honest, and one more, one less, what's the difference ?

I think, and I regret that music industry (and musical press) are so specialized, so segmented : rock, indie, rap/r&b, country, jazz, etc..
It has always been that way in the US I guess (with the different charts) but it is rather new in France.
I read the other day an interview of an official from a French major and he was saying that the national music market is divided in three entities (in order of economical importance):
-urban music (hip-hop, r&b)
- french vocal ("variété française")
- rock
Classical and jazz are behind.
And I heard a Jack White interview in which he said the same (in the Us, it's hip hop then country then rock);
They have separate magazines, separate radio stations, separate festivals.
In France, Hip hop is first probably because the social aspect is stronger in hip hop. Rock has lost its rebellion
and now, to complicate things, inside rock, there is the antagonism classic rock/indie. Some papers include both, some are very careful not to include artists that sell too many copies or are more than 30 of age
So I'll try to bring more eclectic lists.

But now, Magic :

Albums :

1. Chromatics "Night Drive"
2. Caribou - Andorra
3. The Coral - Roots & echoes
4. Benjamin Biolay - Trash Yéyé
5. Gravenhurst - The Western Lands
6. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam
7. Klaxons - Myths of The Near Future
8. PJ Harvey - White Chalk
9. Battles - Mirrored
10. Faris Nourallah - Gone
11. Étienne Daho - L'Invitation
12. The Embassy - Tacking
13. Richard Hawley - Lady's Bridge
14. Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decoy Sustain Release
15. The Shins - Wincing The Night Away
16. Tim Keegan - Foreign Domestic
17. The Thrills - Teenager
18. Feist - The Remainder
19. The Rakes - Ten New Messages
20. Au Revoir Simone - The Bird Of Music
21. Gruff Rhys - Candylion
22. Single - Pio Pio
23. Blonde Redhead - 23
24. Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
25. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
26. Jens Lekman - Night Falls Over kartelada
27. Justice (sign of death)
28. Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle - Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle
29. Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City
30. Panda Bear - Person Pitch

nb : The National got 4 stars and a good review, but not enough to appear in the eoy list

Top 15 singles

1. Chromatics - Shining Violence
2. Justice - D.A.N.C.E
3. Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent adolescent
4. Fabio Viscogliosi & Amedeo Pace - Logo/Il Nostro Caro Angelo
5. Lightspeed Champion - Galaxy Of The Lost
6. Midnight Juggernauts - Shadows
7. 1990S : See You At The Lights
8. Robert wyatt & Bertrand Burgalat - This Summer Night
9. She's Spanish, I'm American - She's Spanish, I'm American
10. Battles - Atlas
11. Hatcham Social - Til The Dawn/Penelope (Under My Hat)
12. The Teenagers - Homecoming
13. The Cribs - men's Needs
14. Sébastien Tellier - Sexual Sportswear
15. Von Sûdenfed - The Rhinohead


Re: Magic Magazine eoy list

A magazine called Magic that doesn't include Magic!

Re: Magic Magazine eoy list

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Re: Magic Magazine eoy list

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