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Q's The 100 Songs That Changed The World


Old Special edition but I don't see it as a list on here.

1. That’s All Right – Elvis Presley
Rock 'n' roll history begins here. "If I could find a white man who had the Negro sound and the Negro feel, I could make a billion dollars." History tells us this was a constant refrain from the mouth of Sun Records boss Sam Phillips, and in 1954 his dream came true. Whether he made a billion dollars is left up to the accountants to determine, but one thing is sure. The singer he found, one Elvis Aaron Presley, changed the face of music forever.

2. I Want To Hold Your Hand – The Beatles
The song that broke America. It is one of history's more notable minor quirks that President Kennedy was assassinated on 22 November 1963, one week before the UK release of The Beatles' fifth single. The two events might seem unconnected, yet the role of I Wanna Hold Your Hand in the USA's recovery from this bleak event is unquestionable.

3. God Save The Queen – The Sex Pistols
Punk call-to-arms that raised the spectre of civil war. God Save The Queen created a moment quite unlike anything that has happened before or since in the annals of rock.

4. Rapper’s Delight – Sugarhill Gang
The record that gave rap to the world - Released in 1979 this was the record that took the new form of music around the world.

5. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
The Daddy of grunge. Dave Grohl (of Nirvana, and now The Foo Fighters) said, "A lot of Teen Spirit was derivitive of the Pixies or Sonic Youth. It was just another jam. I didn't think much of it to be honest."

6. Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday
The song that helped revolutionise America. One of the most moving and eloquent songs of all time, this song was the start of the Civil Rights movement. Covered numerous times, Billie's version remains the definitive, world-changing version.

7. Like A Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan
The sonic start of the counter-revolution. "Like A Rolling Stone changed it all," Dylan said in 1965. "I was something I myself could dig."

8. Walk This Way – Run DMC
The original rap/rock crossover video. Paving the way for the likes of Limp Bizkit, at the time Aerosmith didn't think it was going to be such a big deal. Aerosmith's Joe Perry said, :To think that we'd be talking about it 15 years later as ground-breaking - we didn't think of it like that at all."

9. Blue Monday – New Order
The seven minutes that kick-started UK dance music. While Britain was living under a pale shadow of punk rock this "bold statement," as The Charlatans Tim Burgess called it, came out of seemingly nowhere. "It was daring - it incorporated elements of disco, which no-one liked at the time," Burgess concludes. However, the single went on the be the biggest selling 12" single of all time.

10. Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid
Reinvented the charity single and fed the world. Not everyone's favourite song, it led Morrissey to say, "One can have concern for the people of Ethiopia, but it's another thing to inflict torture on the people of England."

11. Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys
12. Rock Around The Clock – Bill Haley & His Comets
13. Helter Skelter – The Beatles
14. The Message – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
15. You Really Got Me – The Kinks
16. Autobahn – Kraftwerk
17. Stayin’ Alive – The Bee Gees
18. Telstar – The Tornados
19. Starman – David Bowie
20. Think – Aretha Franklin
21. Give Peace A Chance – Plastic Ono Band
22. Planet Rock – Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force
23. Wannabe – Spice Girls
24. Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood
25. Fuck Tha Police – NWA
26. Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles
27. Rock Island Line – Lonnie Donegan
28. My Generation – The Who
29. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
30. Like A Virgin – Madonna
31. Imagine – John Lennon
32. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
33. He’s A Rebel – The Crystals
34. (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay – Otis Redding
35. Money (That’s What I Want) – Barrett Strong
36. I Feel Love – Donna Summer
37. My Name Is – Eminem
38. Smoke On The Water – Deep Purple
39. What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
40. Me So Horny – 2 Live Crew
41. Maybellene – Chuck Berry
42. No Woman No Cry – Bob Marley & The Wailers
43. That’ll Be The Day – The Crickets
44. Going Underground – The Jam
45. Kick Out The Jams – The MC5
46. I Can’t Be Satisfied – Muddy Waters
47. Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin
48. Strings Of Life – Rhythim Is Rhythim
49. Pump Up The Volume – M/A/R/R/S
50. Candle In The Wind – Elton John
51. Mr Tambourine Man – The Byrds
52. Rebel Without A Pause – Public Enemy
53. Heart Of Glass – Blondie
54. Cloud Nine – The Temptations
55. White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane
56. Loaded – Primal Scream
57. Lover – Les Paul
58. Purple Haze – The Jimi Hendrix Experience
59. Thriller – Michael Jackson
60. Cop Killer – Body Count
61. Sympathy For The Devil – The Rolling Stones
62. Heroin – The Velvet Underground
63. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
64. Rocket 88 – Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats
65. Say It Loud: I’m Black And I’m Proud – James Brown
66. Sweet Child O’Mine – Guns N’ Roses
67. Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) – Soul II Soul
68. Sign ‘O’ The Times – Prince
69. Girl You Know It’s True – Milli Vanilli
70. Nelson Mandela – The Special AKA
71. Interstellar Overdrive – Pink Floyd
72. What’d I Say – Ray Charles & His Orchestra
73. This Land Is Your Land – Woody Guthrie
74. Are "Friends" Electric? – Tubeway Army
75. Je T’Aime… Moi On Plus – Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin
76. This Charming Man – The Smiths
77. Comme D’Habitude – Claude Francois
78. Live Forever – Oasis
79. Merry Xmas Everybody – Slade
80. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Culture Club
81. Enter Sandman – Metallica
82. The End – The Doors
83. Apache – The Incredible Bongo Band
84. O Superman – Laurie Anderson
85. Music Sounds Better With You – Stardust
86. Waterloo – Abba
87. People Funny Boy – Lee "Scratch" Perry
88. Blind – Korn
89. Fools Gold – The Stone Roses
90. Last Train To Clarksville – The Monkees
91. Firestarter – The Prodigy
92. Rock Your Baby – George McCrae
93. The Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones
94. Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
95. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree - Dawn
96. There She Goes – The La’s
97. Rumble – Link Wray & His Ray Men
98. MacArthur Park – Richard Harris
99. Creep – Radiohead
100. Tutti Frutti – Little Richard

Re: Q's The 100 Songs That Changed The World

It seemed to me as if Q listed songs that changed the world both to the better and to the worse, just read the quote for "Do They Know It's Christmas?". Also I think the Milli Vanilli feature wasn't all that positive.

But maybe it's stupid of me to make this exception. Am I right or wrong to exclude the list?

Re: Q's The 100 Songs That Changed The World

I am not going to get excited here, but I think it deserves to be included. I actually agree with Morrissey about the Band Aid-song, but then again... it started a trend, didn't it?

It's One Of Those Lists...

that we've discussed Henrik, and I definitely think it should be included. Something like Milli Vanilli isn't going to make much of an impact on that track's overall performance or anything. Plus, it's not like there aren't other lists that don't have some big head-scratchers!

Now, after this one gets in, we can get to those others. ;)

Re: Q's The 100 Songs That Changed The World

I am not going to get excited here, but I think it deserves to be included. I actually agree with Morrissey about the Band Aid-song, but then again... it started a trend, didn't it?

Yes, but the question is if an entry on this list means that the song is acclaimed.

JR, sorry to make you repeat yourself, but which other lists are you talking about? (Please note that I haven't taken a decision to include these lists, at least not yet. )

Just Scrolling Down the List...

shows that the majority of these tracks indeed are well-acclaimed, so it fits in with that thinking.

RE other lists- I was thinking of the ones I had sent you some time ago. Hopefuylly it's still in your e-mail system somewhere. hehe If not, I'll re-compile at some point!

Re: Q's The 100 Songs That Changed The World

The fact the majority of these facts are acclaimed is irrelevant; it's whether a list of songs that 'change' music belongs on a site for lists representing the most acclaimed songs.

Re: Q's The 100 Songs That Changed The World

Yes, i think so : if a song changed the world it's important & therefore should, most of the time, be acclaimed.

Yes, It Should...

for the same reasons that lists such as "the most important," "the songs that rocked the world," etc. etc are included. It's a form of acclaim, pure and simple. Most of the tracks cited on the Q list, for exampel, changed things for the better, really.

Re: Q's The 100 Songs That Changed The World

On the other hand, we need to take Henrik's time-limits into serious consideration.

Henrik has decided not to include Mojo's guitarr list, because Mojo is not specialised into that category. I would suggest that you'd go further: only include lists that are not genre-specific.