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Silver Jews

umm....der? Silver Jews fans anyone? they're soo good. American Water doesnt even SHOW UP in the 1998 best of list. WHATS ZA HELL? That's like my all time favorite record. Come on guys. AMERICAN WATER. WHat r u thinking? EVERYONE LOVES THAT RECORD.

Re: Silver Jews

And as soon as it starts showing up more frequently on lists, it will no doubt be included. Zach, what you may not be getting here is that the rankings on this site are based solely on the accumulation of critical lists that are fed into the database - it's as "objective" as a site like this is ever likely to get, and our personal preferences play no role in the rankings. (If that were the case, IN THE AEROPLANE OVER THE SEA would be in the top ten.) If an album you happen to love isn't here, you can't just point fingers and stamp your feet and expect to see it next time you log on.

Re: Silver Jews

yea sorry, I just get really caried away and all, cause I get dissapointed when I dont see a record I really personally enjoy on lists, and I just over-react i guess.