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Question to Henrik (technical issue)

I don't why, but when I try to access the main AM list I always get the old one from before the last update e.g. Sufjan Stevens is still at 150. And when I try to refresh the AM home page opens instead. Any idea how to display the current list?

Re: Question to Henrik (technical issue)

To delete all old pages: Go to Tools / Internet Alternatives / Delete Files

To delete a particular page: Hold the mouse over the frame with the page you want to delete, right-click the mouse and choose reload.

Hope this helps.

I would be extremely grateful if someone could tell me that it's possible to create a page that automatically updates itself when you open it. Note that I don't want a page that reloads every x seconds and moves you to the top of the page every time.

Re: Question to Henrik (technical issue)

Hmm, why didn't I think of that? Yes, it helped. Thanks Henrik.