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Dance de Lux 25 best hip-hop records

The same team of Rockdelux have published an alternative magazine devoted to electronica, Dance de Lux. In June of 2001 they’ve published the 25 best hip hop records of all time:
1. PUBLIC ENEMY “It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back” (1988)
2. DE LA SOUL “3 Feet High And Rising” (1989).
3. ERIC B. & RAKIM “Paid In Full” (1987).
4. N.W.A. “Straight Outta Compton” (1988).
5. WU-TANG CLAN “Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” (1993).
6. BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS “Criminal Minded” (1987).
7. RUN DMC “Raising Hell” (1986).
8. DR. DRE “The Chronic” (1992).
9. BEASTIE BOYS “Paul’s Boutique” (1989).
10. A TRIBE CALLED QUEST “The Low End Theory” (1991).
11. EMPD “Strictly Business” (1988).
12. LAURYN HILL “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” (1998).
13. ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S “Critical Beatdown” (1988).
14. L.L. COOL J “Radio” (1985).
15. JUNGLE BROTHERS “Done By The Forces Of Nature” (1989).
16. SLICK RICK “The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick” (1988).
17. MISSY MISDMEANOR ELLIOTT “Supa Dupa Fly” (1997).
18. STETSASONIC “In Full Gear” (1988).
19. GANG STARR “Step In The Arena” (1991).
20. ICE CUBE “Death Certificate” (1991).
21. THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. “Ready To Die” (1994).
22. OUTKAST “Southernplaylisticadillacmuzik” (1994).
23. MOS DEF “Black On Both Sides” (1999).
24. 2PAC “Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…” (1993).
25. NAS “Illmatic” (1992).

Henrik, I don't know if you can count this list (is a genre-specific list from a team not only devoted to this genre). At least this magazine offers information only about electronica, hip-hop and dance music.


great info, as always, sir. :-)

I do hope we can track down the 1986-1989 and Best Albums of the 80s Rock de Lux lists somehow, someway. Would be great to have complete info from that source. Have you looked into searching libraries (if you're in Spain)?

BTW- any dance lists from this Dance de Lux?

Dancedelux: 1985-2005. 20 years of electronic music. The Best 50 Records

Two days ago I posted the oldest list from Rockdelux. Now’s the turn of the newest (it’s still available in shops in Spain). Dancedelux was the alternative magazine devoted to electronica that Rockdelux has been publishing yearly in June or July (at the same time that Sonar Festival in Barcelona). I said “was” because in July 2005 it has been published Dancelux 10, the last issue of the magazine that sadly closes its doors, following the path of other electronica magazines like “Muzik”. One more prove of certain regression of the public and critical acceptance of this kind of music in recent years (as an example, 5 records of the Top 10 of 1997 of Acclaimed Music can be filed under “electronica”, while only The Streets in the Top 10 of 2004 could be really included).
Anyway the last number of Dancedelux is very interesting, with a complete chronology of the electronic styles since 1985, many photos of electronica heroes and three lists, “1985-2005. 20 años de música electrónica. Los 50 mejores discos” (1985-2005. 20 years of electronic music. The Best 50 Records), being the other two lists “indispensable compilations” and “the 20 most significant Spanish records”. The records of the main list were:

1. APHEX TWIN “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” (R&S, 1992).
2. RHYTHIM IS RHYTHIM / DERRICK MAY / MAYDAY “Innovator. Soundtrack for the Tenth Planet” (Network, 1991).
3. FINGERS INC. “Another Side” (Indigo Music-Jack Trax, 1988).
4. MODEL 500 “Classics” (R&S, 1993).
5. MASSIVE ATTACK “Blue Lines” (Circa-Virgin, 1991).
6. DJ SHADOW “Endtroducing…” (Mo’ Wax, 1996).
7. GOLDIE “Timeless” (Metalheadz-Frrr, 1995).
8. LFO “Frequencies” (Warp, 1991).
9. DAFT PUNK “Homework” (Soma-Virgin, 1997).
10. THE KLF “Chill Out” (KLF Communications, 1990).
11. TRICKY “Maxinquaye” (Fourth & Broadway-Island, 1995).
12. ORBITAL “Orbital” (Internal-Frrr, 1993).
13. RONI SIZE REPRAZENT “New Forms” (Talkin’ Loud, 1997).
14. BJÖRK “Debut” (One Little Indian, 1993).
15. 808 STATE “Newbuild” (Creed, 1988).
16. THE SABRES OF PARADISE “Haunted Dancehall” (Warp, 1994).
17. PORTISHEAD “Dummy” (Go Beat, 1994).
18. AUTECHRE “Tri Repetae” (Warp, 1995).
19. A GUY CALLED GERALD “Black Secret Technology” (Juice Box, 1995).
20. PHOTEK “Modus Operandi” (Science-Virgin, 1998).
21. JEFF MILLS “Purposemaker Compilation” (Purpose Maker, 1998).
22. MAURIZIO “M” (M, 1997).
23. KENNY LARKIN “Azimuth” (Art of Dance-Warp, 1994).
24. MOUSE ON MARS “Autoditacker” (Too Pure, 1997).
25. HERBERT “Bodily Functions” (Soundslike-!K7, 2001).
26. INNER CITY “Paradise” (KMS-10, 1989).
27. PLASTIKMAN “Closer” (M_Nus-Novamute, 2003).
28. UNDERWORLD “Dubnobasswithmyheadman” (Junior Boy’s Own, 1993).
29. DAVID HOLMES “Let’s Get Killed” (Go Beat, 1997).
30. THE ORB “The Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld” (Wau! Mr. Mondo-Big Life, 1991).
31. PANASONIC “Vakio” (Blast First, 1995).
32. SEEFEEL “Quique” (Too Pure, 1993).
33. SQUAREPUSHER “Feed Me Weird Things” (Rephlex, 1996).
34. THE STREETS “Original Pirate Material” (Locked On-679-Warner, 2002).
35. FENNESZ “Endless Summer” (Mego, 2001).
36. 4 HERO “Parallel Universe” (Reinforced, 1994).
37. THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS “Exit Planet Dust” (Junior Boy’s Own-Virgin, 1995).
38. DAVE CLARKE “Archive One” (Deconstruction, 1996).
39. ISOLÉE “Rest” (Playhouse, 2000).
40. LIL LOUIS & THE WORLD “From the Mind of Lil Louis” (Diamond-Frrr, 1989).
41. TECHNO ANIMAL “Re-entry” (Virgin, 1995).
42. DIZZEE RASCAL “Boy in da Corner” (XL, 2003).
43. CARL CRAIG “More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art” (Planet E-SSR, 1997).
44. POLE “CD1” (Kiff SM, 1998).
45. VILLALOBOS “Alcachofa” (Playhouse, 2003).
46. LEILA “Like Weather” (Rephlex, 1998).
47. LUOMO “Vocal City” (Forcetracks, 2000).
48. RHYTHM & SOUND W/ TIKIMAN “Showcase” (Burial Mix, 1998).
49. BASEMENT JAXX “Remedy” (XL, 1999).
50. AKUFEN “My Way” (Force Inc., 2002).

Well, and no more list from Rockdelux, except those of Spanish records. If some of you are interested in this Spanish lists please let me know. I could send you by e-mail (but if there are many people interested I could post it in the forum too).

Re: Dance de Lux 25 best hip-hop records

Thanks Honorio,

When I only saw the hip-hop list, I didn't think I would include it, as Dance de Lux is/was not (only) a hip-hop magazine. However, with the electronica list, the two lists seem like complements to each other. So, if Dance de Lux has focused on both hip-hop and electronica (and almost nothing else), then I will include both lists.

Re: Dance de Lux 25 best hip-hop records

Thank you, Henrik. Sorry for keeping you always busy...

Re: Dance de Lux 25 best hip-hop records

Lol at Illmatic being 25 and illmatic is from 1994 not 1992.

Re: Dance de Lux 25 best hip-hop records

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Re: Dance de Lux 25 best hip-hop records

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Re: Dance de Lux 25 best hip-hop records

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