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Breaking Through Your Guitar Speed Plateau In 1 Day

Let’s face it:

Having to deal with a guitar speed plateau sucks!

Who wants to feel like they have to play guitar at the same speeds for months and years?

And the worst part is…

… the self-doubt.

It’s always there, like a splinter in your mind – driving you mad.

You start wondering if you really have what it takes to play guitar as fast as you want.

Sound familiar?

Today, I show you a simple way to shatter any guitar speed plateau you come across.

(It works even if you’ve been stuck for years and don’t have a lot of time to practice.)

How can you apply this to your guitar playing? Simple. Follow these steps to play guitar faster than ever:

Step 1. Ground Yourself.

What is “grounding”? It means to:

- set a baseline for how much tension you use when you play (the video shows how to do it).

- practice the motions of each hand in isolation to learn what they feel like.

Step 2. Develop “Hand Independence”
After you ground yourself, what is your next step?

Answer: to keep your hands independent of each other. To put it simply:

Keep your fretting hand relaxed, even if you pick really hard. There are many ways to train this skill. Watch the video at the top of this page to see how.

Alternate between different levels of tension like you saw in the video as my student overcame his guitar speed plateau.

Question: “Tom Hess, what if I struggle to play guitar with solid hand independence?”

Answer: Start small. Practice hand independence on one note (using tremolo picking). Add more notes as your hands become more independent of each other.

Step 3. “Lubricate” Your Guitar Technique For Maximum Speed

What’s the #1 key to guitar speed?

It’s not “moving your hands faster”.

It’s also not “practicing for hours per day”.

The answer is:


It’s like a lubricant for your guitar technique that helps you play guitar effortlessly and smoothly.

Re: Breaking Through Your Guitar Speed Plateau In 1 Day

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Re: Breaking Through Your Guitar Speed Plateau In 1 Day

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