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Re: Forum Poll: The Best Albums and Songs of 1969

01 Yesterday Once More
02 Scarborough Fair
03 Because I Love You
04 Love Story
05 Oh, Pretty Woman
06 Summer Kisses Winter Tears
07 Unchained Melody
08 Because You Loved Me
09 I Will Always Love You
10 Wind Flower
11 You're My Everything
12 4:55
13 Jambalaya
14 Rose Rose I Love You
15 I'd Love You To Want Me
16 Casablanca
17 The Sound Of Scilence
18 Say You, Say Me
19 Sealed With A Kiss
20 More Than I Can Say
21 Take My Breath Away
22 The One You'll Love
23 Let It Be
24 Careless Whispers
25 Memory
26 Without You
27 My Eyes Adored You
28 Puff
29 Right here waiting
30 Paloma Blanca