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My mother smiled

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wage "growth" life "to be happy", everybody be accustomed to! But have you heard of "chest ★ ★ ★ ★ Feng Department is full"? Shocked! Curiosity! There are those who say that I refused to disclose the breast secret friends read this log you know why I don't say!

I is a typical Shenzhen time " " but it was the 25 marriage was not forthcoming! I began to have the tendency of celibacy! But my mother do not dry! Her traditional idea is all natural, so I started and everyone else's tragedy! A blind road!

her countless times! I also used to mother disappointed look, more accustomed to the opposite of that gentleman at first glance I be overjoyed eyes, then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled results! I have no matter, anyway, this kind of blind date for me is like the entertainment! But the mother can not do! Be on tenterhooks all day, do not know who to tell her that my chest peace! I really did not seriously! But mom seemed to seize a life-saving straw! Read the newspaper online to find a friend to ask a telephone consultation day! It is not to mind taking the trouble!! Can be more like that of breast Sac Givenchy Pas Cher enhancement more disgusted me! For this, the mother didn't know how many times!

sac burberry pas cher one day I came home from work! My mother kept looking at me frown! I was very puzzled, hurried to the mirror and looked, not what two things! But my mother said: you often sitting in the office all day, work in the closed room! The air is not good you see your eyebrows are black! Also said downstairs Uncle Zhang's daughter is so sick in hospital! Like that would ever happen! I got a fright! And then I said there is an old Chinese medicine cures the disease near white-collar! Grinding but mom went! The funny thing is that the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to see what disease! All the way to see at a glance I took out a bunch of things! Symbolic say next how to use! Back when I give mom said: the doctor soon catch up with Bian Que, look at me, know I disorders! My mother smiled: they are specialized in! I Speechless....

then I Speechless was ★ Feng ★ chest process! Just at that time didn't know, want to come to my room a thing to me again below the neck 2-3 inches before sleeping mother every day, because the paste is very comfortable, like michael kors pas cher doing massage, although reluctant, but also from the! Because of the recent and mother quarrel! Mom always disobey orders is not my style!

about like this in the past 3 days, began to feel a little sense of expansion, but not obviously not too concerned about, but after a week, I began to feel the chest expand feeling very much! I quickly went to the hospital to check, the results are all normal doctor said you recently Is it right? In what products, make I be rather baffling! But after half month, I before the underwear is;

Re: My mother smiled

Our mother is our light when we encounter darkness in our life!