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The coolest smart bracelet Razer Naboo gods July b

 [TechWeb reported

famous gaming peripherals manufacturer Razer's CES show in the beginning has released a game-enabled smart bracelet Nabu (Neb god), the bracelet snake debut after being sought after by fans and gamers, after a lapse of four months, Razer finally announced recently will open July Naboo gods bracelet The Beta version of the beta.


Neb gods bracelet with LED indicator lights, the appearance of Razer's iconic black and green mix, which was very cool, bracelet Ability to monitor burn calories, steps, sleep quality, alarm clock and other conventional features of the game also has a unique and dynamic event reminders interactive experience features former players when the game wearing this bracelet after the real-time tracking of dynamic events in the game, while the interactive Experience function between the players and the players are just wearing this bracelet and then just shook hands with each other on the other side of the game can be a personal record transfer data to each other to the other side the device.


Razer said that there are already many developers for the development of APP Naboo gods, and interested friends can participate in enrollment, from July 10 will have the opportunity to receive Nabu bracelet involved in hardware and software testing, product will not recover after the test.


Nabu iPhone5/5c/5s compatible with Android 4.3 and above devices,silicone bracelets, waterproof, can stand for 5-7 days.



Re: The coolest smart bracelet Razer Naboo gods July b

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Re: The coolest smart bracelet Razer Naboo gods July b

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Re: The coolest smart bracelet Razer Naboo gods July b

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