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Fabric Cloth Tape

Fabric Cloth Tape

Acetate Cloth Tape


Acetate Cloth TapeScope

This specification applying to Acetate Cloth Tape,新建文章 1, which our products code is CT-750000. UL recognized with Flame Retardant and Temperature Rating up to 180°c..


The color include white acetate cloth tape and blackacetate cloth tape ,Material & ConstructionA165um acetate cloth that coated with a 45um acrylic based pressure sensitive adhesive provides a very stable adhesion on wire coil and glass surface. The both acetate cloth tape is able to withstand a high tensile strength and having an extremely conformable, rough and absorbent surface


 ,Double Sided PET film Tape;



45um Acrylic Based PSA

165um Acetate Cloth

 ,Double Sided PET film Tape,emi absrober;

Re: Fabric Cloth Tape

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