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Mega-Critic-Chart: Best Reviewed Albums Of 2012

The best albums of 2012 (update January, 31)

“The ratings come from a formula that includes a) average of ratings from different sources and b) numbers of magazines that rated the album.

The magazines I used for the ratings were:
USA: All Music Guide; AV Club; BeatsPerMinut; Cokemachineglow; Consequence Of Sound; Pitchforkmedia; Popmatters; Rolling Stone; Slant; Spin; Tinymixtapes
UK: Drowned In Sound, The Guardian, Music OMH, NME, No Ripcord
EUR: Gaffa; Humo; Jenesaispop; Mondosonoro; Nojesguiden; Plattentests; Playgroundmag; Sentire Ascoltare; Stroria Della Musica

The final numbers is the average rating and number of reviews in brackets (over 25)

10 - Diagrams: Back Light - 66,1 (8)
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09 - Wiley: Evolve Or Be Extinct - 67,8 (7)
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08 - Porcelain Raft: Strange Weekend - 70,2 (11)
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07 - Laura Gibson: La Grande - 71,6 (11)
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06 - The 2 Bears: Be Strong - 72,9 (8)
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05 - Cate Le Bon: CYRK - 74,3 (7)

04 - Chairlift: Something - 75,1 (18)
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03 - First Aid Kit: The Lion's Roar - 77,0 (15)
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02 - Cloud Nothings: Attack On Memory - 79,8 (16)

01 - Leonard Cohen: Old Ideas - 80,8 (18)
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Re: Mega-Critic-Chart: Best Reviewed Albums Of 2012

Thanks for doing this again, Otisredding!

Re: Mega-Critic-Chart: Best Reviewed Albums Of 2012

I love the first mega-critic of the year. The quality isn't ever great, but it's all new. thanks Otis

Re: Mega-Critic-Chart: Best Reviewed Albums Of 2012

Thanks Otis. Looking forward to another year of this.