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UMT 2012


Starting Monday, February 6th we will begin this year’s version of the Ultimate Music Tournament. The format this year is a little different and as follows…

PLAY-IN ROUND: There will be 32 genres, with a total of 32 artists per genre. Each Monday thru Friday a new genre will be presented and voters will rank their top 5 artists from those genres 1 through 5. The Top 8 artists with the most votes will advance to the next round.

1ST ROUND: There will be 8 regions made up of 4 genres, where there will once again be 32 artists per region. The voters will again vote for their top 5 artists 1 through 5. The top 16 artists with the most votes will move on to the next round.

2ND ROUND: In each of the 8 regions, the remaining artists will be ranked 1 through 16 and then be matched up in a traditional tournament style head-to-head pairing. Each day the voters will vote for their winners in each day’s head-to-head match ups until the eventual champion is crowned.

The Tournament will last approximately 3 months and will contain a total of 1024 artists to start. The genres will include Folk Rock, New Country, Country Rock, Traditional Country,70’s Pop, AOR, R&B Soul, Punk, Pre-Grunge, Old School Hip-Hop, New Wave, 80’s Pop, Contemporary R&B, 90’s Pop, Britpop, Post Grunge, Metal, Reggae/Ska, Jazz, Electronic, Indie, 00’s Pop, Rap, Dream Pop, Blues Rock, Alternative Hip-Hop, Glam, Funk, 60’s Pop, 50’s Pop, Art Rock & Synth Pop. The head-to-head portion of the tourney will be the remaining 128 artists.

Re: UMT 2012

Tournament is ready to roll... look for the 1st genre in 2 days...