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Give Me Everything (or just your opinion)

Pitbull's new video is out,

It's so catchy and positive, but the lyrics are...ugh!
It's unfair how he can make me enjoy a song with lines like: "I might drink a little more than I should"
ah well, at least it's positive andno matter how cheap or simple the lyrics are,
they gel surprisingly well with the pumping dance beats
and the overall effect is quite gripping

what do you think? Is a it a good song despite the lyrics (or even because of them?! :o )
or should it matter on a party song

Give Me Everything

Pitbull's Channel

Re: Give Me Everything (or just your opinion)

I enjoy it when I hear it on the radio,as long as I don't pay attention to Pitbull's lyrics.

This Has Been Out...

for some time, yes? The track peaked a while ago at radio.

Not a fan of Pitbull. I mean, if it's on the radio, I can listen to it- but it's never something I'd seek out.

I don't mind Ne-Yo, though.