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Dvd Audio Albums

Occasionally when I'm looking through stores,I notice these DVD audio albums - albums on a DVD disc,audio only of course,that are designed to be played on DVD players. Just wondering,can these discs be handled on itunes the same as copying any regular cd or do you need some sort of special software? Cheers

Re: Dvd Audio Albums

iTunes would not be able to handle them; most likely you would have to use Foobar or Mediamonkey or just play them straight through WMP or something like that. Also, DVD audio is going to be like a 5.1 soundtrack on an actual DVD. Except it's not always 5.1 but it will be 24 bit rather than 16 bit on standard CDs which gives you a sound that's more similar to vinyl rather than a CD. Because of that you need hardware that supports it as well as the software. You would need a soundcard that supports 24 bit audio or a receiver that has an optical port if you are playing it on a DVD player. If you try playing a DVD audio file on an unsupported device it will sound like static.

Finally, ripping an audio DVD is not like a standard CD and most likely you wouldn't want to anyway unless you are just taking advantage of a 24 bit soundcard in your computer.