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Game idea: Pander

I've been tossing around an idea for a game where you pick specific songs to be judged by specific people.

That is, first we have N people sign up for the game. Then, they each pick N - 1 songs, and pick one song to be sent to each other player. Those other players then pick between the songs, without knowing who sent them which song. The game would be about how well you know the tastes of each other participant.

I haven't gotten any specifics of implementation worked out yet. One idea would be, each person spreads points around the songs they've been sent, and the participant whose picks get the most points wins that round.

Another possibility would be, each participant picks half of their songs to keep in the game and half to eliminate. The half they pick then become 'their' songs for the next round, and they send them off to other players, and the last player with a song left in the game wins.

If we did this, it wouldn't start until the World Cup game is done at least. Would people be interested in a game like this?

Re: Game idea: Pander

I always like your ideas.

I hope this is some sort of unknown songs game. If wellknown songs are allowed we could just look at each others personal lists.

Re: Game idea: Pander

I would definately go for this. Although everyone would know Moonbeam off the bat (Moonbeam Levels, Rave Un2 the Joy Fanastic, Madonna, Eurythmics)
I would have an advantage, given I've never posted an all-time songs list (he he).

Re: Game idea: Pander

Ok, I'll revisit this idea once World Cup is done.

We could do it as an unknown songs game. Say, nothing ranked above X or on an album ranked above, X, and also, we can bring up the poll ballots of those who sign up for the game, and say you can't give somebody anything off their own list.