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Shameless radio show plug but if anyone's doing some work tonight I might have something for you...

My weekly radio show is doing part 2 of our 'revision' special (as we are students). Last week we played some J Dilla, Pantha Du Prince, Aphex Twin, Caribou, Squarepusher, Flying Lotus, Oneohtrix Point Never, Atlas Sound, The Field, Boards of Canada, Röyksopp and loads more besides.

This week there'll be some music from The Microphones, Deerhunter, Prefuse 73, David Bowie, Daft Punk, Baths, Saint Etienne, Manitoba, M83, The Knife, Portishead and lots more goodies. So if you're burning the midnight oil and fancy some (mostly) low-key electronic/ambient music to keep you going, or just have nothing better to do, then do tune in here (there's a little 'Listen In' bit top right):


We're on from 11PM tonight (Monday) through to 1AM

thanks a lot guys