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"Sticky Fingers" at 40

Last month, on April 23, marked the 40th anniversary of the Rolling Stone's "Sticky Fingers" album, my personal favorite of theirs. In honor, I decided to rank the tracks on the album and add a little comentary.

1. "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"
I don't know what's not to love about this song. The guitar/sax solo to close out the song really works well.
2. "Brown Sugar"
The classic from the album, and a great guitar cut as well. It also raised skepticism back in 1971 for it's line "Just like a black girl should"
3. "Bitch"
Some more guitar, brass fussion that works so well.
4. "Wild Horses"
The best of the country cuts on the album. Had I posted this last week, the song would be at least one spot lower, if not more.
5. "Sway"
All of these top five are brilliant all around.
6. "Moonlight Mile"
A very deep lyric.
7. "Sister Morphine"
There are only a few things the Stones know better than drugs.
8. "I Got the Blues"
9. "Dead Flowers"
10. "You Gotta Move"
I'm not gonna lie, I really hate that one.

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

Funny you should post this today, because yesterday was Exile's 39th birthday which was duly celebrated by me and some of my friends here. My personal favorite is Beggars Banquet though.

Incidentally, Monday is Blonde on Blonde's 45th.

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

My dad played a Sticky Fingers outtakes album for me the other day.

11. C********* Blues

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40


1. "Can't You Hear Me Knocking"
I don't know what's not to love about this song. The guitar/sax solo to close out the song really works well.

>+< the dolly close up shot on Pesci's don't-phuck-widd-me face in Casino and.. huh, whom am i kidding.. the rest of the sequence, too

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

"Moonlight Mile" and "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" are definitely the standouts here. Like all Rolling Stones albums though, there's multiple tracks that do absolutely nothing for me ("I Got the Blues" and "Sister Morphine," to name two).

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

Let'snot forget Brown Sugar and Keith great 5-string guitar part in open tuning

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

I listened to Sticky Fingers last week and it was yet a little better than the last time around.

Some excellent tracks, like Brown Sugar, Wild Horses and Can't You Hear Me Knocking. But You Gotta Move and Dead Flowers are not stellar.

I like it a lot, but I still prefer THE other three super albums by the Stones. It does rock a little more than the other ones though.

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

Sticky Fingers is so great. Not as complete a work as Exile, but other than You Gotta Move every track is good and some completely slay.

That said, Moonlight Mile is in a league of its own.

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

No love for "Dead Flowers"?
Probably the best country song coming from an English band (a close second could be Mojave 3's "In Love With a View")

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

this forum's lack of love for country is famous

Dead Flowers is great. Keith Richards was friends with Gram Parsons and Gram taught him a lot about country music.

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

For me, "Sticky Fingers" has always stood as the Rolling Stones top album track for track.

If I was going to rank the tracks: I'd go:

10) You Gotta Move- the only dud on the album
09) Bitch
08) Can't you Hear Me Knocking
07) Sister Morphine
06) Dead Flowers
05) Sway
04) I Got the Blues
03) Brown Sugar
02) Moonlight Mile
01) Wild Horses

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

You know, I still don't get why this is ranked so high. I just...don't get the Rolling Stones. The only album I think is good of theirs is Let it Bleed.

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

My ranking of the songs would be something like this:

10) You Gotta Move
09) Dead Flowers
08) Bitch
07) I Got the Blues
06) Sister Morphine
05) Sway
04) Moonlight Mile
03) Brown Sugar
02) Wild Horses
01) Can't You Hear My Knocking

Re: "Sticky Fingers" at 40

Best Rolling Stones album hands down. It tones that greasy blues sound down enough where I can really get into the music. Even the rockers are pretty pop oriented with blues influences instead of the other way around. Maybe country/folk oriented is a better description.

01) Dead Flowers
02) Sister Morphine
03) Wild Horses
04) Moonlight Mile
05) Brown Sugar
06) I Got the Blues
07) Can't You Hear My Knocking
08) Sway
09) Bitch
10) You Gotta Move