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Unacclaimed Week 20

Welcome to Week 20! We continue with bracket L2, featuring songs that have won one match and lost another match. The losers here are unfortunately out of the tournament!

Please listen to the songs before making your choice, and provide comments (however brief) to form the basis of your pick.

The deadline for Week 20 is 11:59 PM, March 12th AM time.

You can read the descriptions of why these songs were nominated in the rules thread.

Match L2.13:

M (Mathieu Chedid) - "Je dis aime"
Serge Gainsbourg - "Cannabis"

Match L2.14:

Wendy Rene - "After Laughter"
Lisa Germano - "Puppet"

Match L2.15:

The Bellrays - "Footprints on the Water"
Joanna Newsom - "Colleen"

Match L2.16:

Stereophonics - "Local Boy in the Photograph"
OK Go - "A Million Ways"