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Megacritic + RYM --- The Top Artists of 2011

I will continue through 2011 with my spreadsheet of positions from Megacritic and RYM, as well as a Spotify list.

Stefan's Megacritic remains as THE LIST of the most acclaimed music from the current year. Since my list is based on RYM ratings as well, it is not only a list of critically acclaimed music, and therefore I will just post the links here in this forum thread.


http://open.spotify.com/user/frazze/playlist/2GKY6UEW3kl7gHafSSoRPD (new additions)

At this first update of the year, the two Spotify lists are the same.

Re: Megacritic + RYM --- The Top Artists of 2011

Here is a quick look at the list.

1. Iron & Wine
2. Destroyer
3. Deerhoof
4. The Decemberists
5. Wire
6. James Blake
7. Adele
8. Nicolas Jaar
9. Beady Eye
10. Mogwai
11. Hammock
12. Cut Copy
13. Anna Calvi
14. Ghostface Killah
15. Glassjaw
16. Joan as Police Woman
17. The Twilight Singers
18. M.A. Kanerva
19. The Go! Team
20. Suuns
21. Stateless
22. Verme
23. Hercules and Love Affair
24. British Sea Power