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Roger Waters Concerts

The famous Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters has given his blessing to a rewritten version of “Another Brick in the Wall,” which Canadian band Blurred Vision released earlier this year, according to the AP. The Toronto-based act is fronted by two Iranian-born brothers whose family fled the country after the 1979 revolution. The new version of the song features the line, “Hey, Ayatollah, leave those kids alone!” In a statement, Waters said that he believes Blurred Vision was playing an essential part in “the resistance to a regime that is both repressive and brutal.” In a statement he also added, “I applauded and supported the resistance of schoolchildren in South Africa to that repressive and brutal regime.” In other news, Roger Waters The Wall Live Tour begins September 15 in Toronto. Waters himself is touring the Pink Floyd album The Wall which contains the original version of “Brick” this fall. The well known Pink Floyd bassist, singer / songwriter Roger Waters have given a Canadian band permission to re-record his former band’s hit, “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” with different lyrics.

The well known Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters has given his blessing in a snap for a Toronto remake of the protest anthem “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” that’s turning into an international phenomenon. The great artist Roger Waters gave us his blessing very quickly. Anybody who wants to use the song the way we have has to come to us now for permission,” he said. Sohl, 35, and Sepp, 28, have modified their first names and no longer use their surnames because of fears for their family still in Iran. Both immigrated to Toronto as youngsters with their families in 1988.

Rger Waters himself have spoken out against oppression in Iran and will open his 35-city Fallen Loved One tour remount of The Wall at the Air Canada Centre, Sept. 15, 16 and 18.The Wall was formerly released in 1979, the same year as the Iranian Revolution that forced Sepp and Sohl’s family out of the country. The latest news abut the Roger Waters that he Adds 12 Dates to the Wall Tour was a top story in May. In response to the remarkable demand, Roger Waters' has added 12 new shows to his enormous production for the 30th Anniversary of The Wall that features a full band and a newly-mounted state-of-the-art production. As of now, Waters will take a few months off before launching his European leg on March 21st in Lisbon, PT. Hell then tour across the UK and Europe before winding down on June 18th in Dsseldorf, Germany. After years of dispute, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters and David Gilmour are apparently on the road to reconciliation. After performing a short set mutually last weekend at a benefit for The Hoping Foundation in Oxfordshire, England, both the artists plan to come together at least once more, performing "Comfortably Numb" at one to-be-determined stop on Waters' forthcoming tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Wall. As promised, Waters performed "To Know Him Is To Love Him" along with Floyd classics "Wish You Were Here," "Comfortably Numb" and "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” at the benefit last weekend. In return, Gilmour will join Waters for a single date throughout his 94-stoptour, which begins in Toronto on September 15th and runs with a brief break, during June 2011. Buy Roger Waters tickets to enjoy his Wall Tour Concerts live!