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Ronnie James Dio dead at 67

Hey guys, we just lost one of the great hard rock legends today. RJD passed away from stomach cancer early this morning. He is responsible for the classic song "Holy Diver" as well as being in Sabbath and Rainbow.

Been cranking the following albums all day

Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
Dio - Holy Diver
Rainbow - Rising
Dio - Killing the Dragon

Good stuff

Any fans?

Re: Ronnie James Dio dead at 67

Dio was awesome... "Man On The Silver Mountain", "Neon Knights" etc...

I had an old roommate who had a picture of RJD up on the wall in the living room, not sure why... I toasted a beer and shot the "devil horns" to our fallen homie...

Re: Ronnie James Dio dead at 67