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Artist of the Week: Week 5

Welcome to artist of the week. You can find the full set of rules here, but a basic overveiw is to give me a list of your favorite songs from this week's chosen artist. Please ask all questions about artist of the week on the rules forum. This forum is strictly for lists.

This week's artist is a Band from my home state (New York) that I honestly know nothing else about. Maybe that will change by Sunday.

This Week's Artist is The New York Dolls. Voting Will Close Next Sunday (May 16) at 12:00.

Re: Artist of the Week: Week 5

That reminds me - I've been meaning for a long time to pick up a copy of(or at least download) Too Much Too Soon...

Re: Artist of the Week: Week 5

1) Jet Boy
2) Chatterbox
3) Personality Crisis
4) Trash
5) Human Being
6) Lookin' For A Kiss
7) Subway Train
8) Pills
9) Who're The Mystery Girls
10) We're All In Love
11) Gotta Get Away From Tommy
12) Gimme Luv and Turn On The Light
13) Exorcism of Despair
14) Dance Like a Monkey
15) Cause I Sez So

Re: Artist of the Week: Week 5

(1) Subway Train
(2) Trash
(3) Lonely Planet Boy
(4) Personality Crisis
(5) Chatterbox
(6) Who're The Mystery Girls?
(7) Stranded In The Jungle
(8) (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown
(9) Puss 'N' Boots
(10) Pills

Re: Artist of the Week: Week 5

I must have blinked and missed the Rolling Stones countdown... oops. Maybe out of the 500 bands to get picked, the Stones seemed too boring.

This band has a little less material to wade through...

1. Trash
2. Stranded in the Jungle
3. Bad Detective
4. Personality Crisis
5. Babylon
6. Looking For a Kiss
7. Subway Train
8. Puss N' Boots
9. Showdown
10. Pills

Re: Artist of the Week: Week 5

This week's poll is over. Expect results in five minutes.

Re: Artist of the Week: Week 5

As promised, here are the results:
1- Trash (Pulling off the Upset with 71 points)
2- Personaltiy Crisis (67)
3- Subway Train (63)
4- Pills (50)
5- Chatterbox (45)
6- Stranded in the Jungle (43)
7- Who're the Mystery Girls? (37)
T8- Puss N' Boots (35)
T8- Showdown (35)
10- Jet Boy (25)