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ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17


#1 (5) U2 vs. #16 (1020) Y&T

Legendary rock band… “Pride (In The Name Of Love)”, “With Or Without You”, “One”, “Sunday Bloody Sunday”… I could go on for awhile…

Non-Legendary 80’s hair band… “Summertime Girls”, “Contagious”, “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark”… I would have to look them up to go on at all…

#8 (508) MODEST MOUSE vs. #9 (517) SIMPLY RED

Indie rockers of the 00’s… “Float On”, “Ocean Breathes Salty”, “Dashboard”, “Missed The Boat”

Soft rockers of the 80’s … “If You Don’t Know Me By Now”, “Holding Back The Years”, “Stars” and “Money’s Too Tight To Mention”.


One of the most gifted hip-hop acts of all-time… “Scenario”, “Award Tour”, “Can I Kick It” and “Check The Rhime”.

80’s New wave act… “I Ran (So Far Away)”, “Wishing (Photograph Of You)”, “Space Age Love Song” and “The More You Live, The More You Love”

#4 (252) DIANA ROSS vs. #13 (773) PAVEMENT

Post-Supremes solo career consisted of … “Touch Me In The Morning”, “Upside Down”, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “I’m Coming Out”

90’s Indie Rockers … “Summer Babe”, “Cut Your Hair”, “Rattled By The Rush” and “Trigger Cut”

#3 (133) BO DIDDLEY vs. #14 (892) BEN HARPER

Legendary blues and RNR guitarist with a number of influential hits… “Bo Diddley”, “I’m A Man”, “Who Do You Love?” and “Hey! Bo Diddley”

American singer/songwriter covering a number of genres… “Steal My Kisses”, “Fight Outta You”, “Burn To Shine” and “Diamonds On The Inside”

#6 (380) RAINBOW vs. #11 (645) FRANKIE AVALON

70’s & early 80’s hard rock/metal band… “Man On The Silver Mountain”, “Stone Cold”, “Since You Been Gone” and “Street Of Dreams”.

Singer and former teen idol Frankie Avalon topped the charts in the late 50’s/early 60’s with… “Venus”, “Just Ask Your Heart”, “Why” and “Bobby Sox To Stockings”.

#7 (389) HOWLIN’ WOLF vs. #10 (636) WYCLEF JEAN

Legendary blues singer/guitarist… “Smokestack Lightning”, “Spoonful”, “Back Door Man” and “The Red Rooster”.

Former member of Fugees, the rapper/performer has had solo success… “Gone ‘Til November”, “Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)”, “Perfect Gentlemen” and “911”.

#2 (124) DEAN MARTIN vs. #15 (901) BAND OF HORSES

Deano, legendary crooner… “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head”, “That’s Amore”, “Memories Are Made Of These” and “Everybody Loves Somebody”.

American indie band… “The Funeral”, “No One’s Gonna Love You”, “Is There A Ghost” and “The Great Salt Lake”

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

#1 U2

I'm a fan. Those kids may be going places.


I am very iffy on Modest Mouse. I like some songs, but found The Moon and Antarctica to be difficult to get through. Good in small doses I suppose. Simply Red's cover of "If You Don't Know Me By Now" may be the most inessential cover of all time. How do you improve on Gamble/Huff/Melvin/Pendergrass' perfect original.


The Low End Theory is my #1 album of all time.


Hugely, massively great. The artists behind the greatest album of all time, "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain."


Ben's not bad. I've seen him do some nice stuff. But Bo wins easily.


Ugly matchup. I'm going with Frankie mainly because the other voters are a little too rock-centric.


I like “Gone ‘Til November”, but some of his other stuff is bad. Again, no contest here.


He's worse than Tony Bennett, who I voted down a few rounds ago. But I guess I enjoy his outsized, sloshed persona and how it translates on record. And I've yet to get into Band of Horses.

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

U2 - Again, these 16 seeds are fun to laugh at...

Modest Mouse

Tribe - My personal favorite hip-hop artist, they fulfill the essence of the genre at it's creative peak.

Pavement - Never cared for Diana's solo stuff...

Bo knows first round wins...

Rainbow - Didn't matter if it was RJD, Graham or Joe Lynn, they all sounded great.

Howlin' - Wyclef doesn't have a "Smokestack Lightning".

This one is tough, I really like BOH, but Deano has such a catalog... I'm gonna go Dean.

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

#1 (5) U2
#13 (773) PAVEMENT
#3 (133) BO DIDDLEY
#6 (380) RAINBOW
#7 (389) HOWLIN’ WOLF
#2 (124) DEAN MARTIN

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

#1 (5) U2
#13 (773) PAVEMENT
#3 (133) BO DIDDLEY
#6 (380) RAINBOW
#7 (389) HOWLIN’ WOLF
#15 (901) BAND OF HORSES

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

1. U2
8. Modest Mouse
5. A Tribe Called Quest
13. Pavement
3. Bo Diddley
Abstaining on Rainbow/Frankie Avalon.
7. Howlin’ Wolf
15. Band of Horses (It’s impossible for me to dislike Dean Martin, the last American public figure to make drunk seem suave, but seriously, folks…)


Pavement (UMT 773, AM 89); Modest Mouse (UMT 508, AM 228).

Dean Martin (UMT 124, AM 2105); Frankie Avalon (UMT 645, AM n/a); A Flock of Seagulls (UMT 764, AM 2031).

Band of Horses (UMT 901, AM 848); Bo Diddley (UMT 133, AM 173).

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

Modest Mouse
A Tribe Called Quest
Pavement (looking for an upset here)
Rainbow (the song "Stargazer" is amazing)
Howlin' Wolf

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

#1 U2
#8 Modest Mouse - 2 things; I didn't realize that Modest Mouse had any success other than "Float On", certainly not enough to merit a #8. And second, I HATE SIMPLY RED MORE THAN ANY OTHER BAND, EVER! I'm not hateful, really, I just hate a lot of music.
#12 A Flock of Seagulls - So, this is all about "I Ran", but hey, they were the right place at the right time (for both the music and the hair).
#4 Diana Ross - supremely successful solo career
#3 Bo Diddley

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

#1 U2
#9 Simply Red
#5 A Tribe Called Quest
#13 Pavement
#3 Bo Diddley
#6 Rainbow
#7 Howlin' Wolf
#2 Dean Martin

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

#1 (5) U2

Overrated but great, mostly for their pre-Joshua Tree stuff.

#8 (508) MODEST MOUSE vs. #9 (517) SIMPLY RED

Awesome vs lame


The only good 80s synth pop bands are the ones that veer closer to power pop.

#13 (773) PAVEMENT

#3 (133) BO DIDDLEY

#15 (901) BAND OF HORSES

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

#1 (5) U2
#9 (517) SIMPLY RED
#13 (773) PAVEMENT
#14 (892) BEN HARPER
#6 (380) RAINBOW
#7 (389) HOWLIN’ WOLF
#15 (901) BAND OF HORSES*

*I've always thought Dean Martin was a fucking awful singer to be honest...

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

#1. U2
#8. Modest Mouse
#5. A Tribe Called Quest
#4. Diana Ross(I had no intention of voting in this one but only voted solely for the purpose of voting against Pavement)
#3. Bo Diddley
#6. Rainbow
#15. Band of Horses

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

1. U2

Not the world's biggest U2 fan by any stretch, and I think Achtung Baby is atrocious, but their post-punk stuff is pretty good.

2. Modest Mouse

Simply Red is actually my parent's favorite band. They bought plane tickets to London to see the farewell tour. Sorry folks.

3. A Tribe Called Quest

Pretty hard to argue against. Created two of the greatest hip-hop albums ever, and Q-Tip is still great live.

4. Pavement

I dunno Schwah, it must be something about growing up in Union County that makes this band so irresitable. Really hoping they pull the upset over Ross.

5. Bo Didley

Something about being "The Originator."

6. Abstain

7. Howlin' Wolf

My favorite of all the 50's blues artists. He still sings better than pretty much everyone else.

8. Band of Horses

Simply can't get into crooners.

Re: ULTIMATE Music Tournament:Bracket #17

Winners in bracket #17...

U2 92.9% / Y&T 7.1%
Modest Mouse 78.6% / Simply Red 21.4%
A Tribe Called Quest 82.1% / A Flock Of Seagulls 17.9%
Pavement 60.7% / Diana Ross 39.3%
Bo Diddley 85.2% / Ben Harper 14.8%
Rainbow 79.2% / Frankie Avalon 20.8%
Howlin' Wolf 70.4% / Wyclef Jean 29.6%
Dean Martin 57.7% / Band Of Horses 42.3%