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365 Songs


Starting on jan 1 2011 (and ending 31 of december) we publish songs that we are "sure" are among our 365 favorite songs. That could be daily (one song each day) or weekly or max monthly (28-31 songs at once). The songs are published in advance. If we can we provide a link but not necessarily.

That could be a good opportunity to spread our favorite songs to others.


Re: 365 Songs

I think this is a good idea. The only opportunity we've had to influence others with our favorites was the All Time Songs poll, and I think most people just glanced at the individual lists in that. I think it should be mandatory to provide a link to a song, and we should exclude songs of a certain level of acclaim.

Re: 365 Songs

And you should be able to "copy" one good song you've heard and "publish" it later in your own "list".

We are pretty tired of lists right now, but in 6 months...