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Editing posts forever (new and improved)

A few weeks ago I found out that you could edit your posts forever if you kept a tab open with the editing page open, but now I've improved this method and even simplified and enhanced it.

It's really quite simple, all you have to do is save the URL you see when you're editing a page and when you want to edit the post, you simply open this URL and you can edit again. This way we can easily keep a stickied topic up to date.

Edit: You may need to press "Post Message" twice (and type in the 4 letters twice as well) when you edit a post beyond your hour.

Re: Editing posts forever (new and improved)

What a great observation, Stephan! I will definitely use it a lot.

Re: Editing posts forever (new and improved)

This is pretty cool. Yesterday i edited a comment 7 times, i was going to edit it for an eighth time, but unfortunate, the time was up. Nice to know we can do this.