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AM Suggestion: Sorting Columns for Artists?

Hi Henrik,

Acclaimed Music is one of my favourite websites, and I would love for it to get more and more attention (which it deserves).

One feature which I think might be nice to include is the option to sort columns on the individual artist's pages, allowing users to sort albums/songs either by release date (which they are currently displayed as), alphabetically by title, by all-time rank, and even the sub-ranks (years, decades, etc). I think this could come in handy for artists like Dylan, the Beatles, and the Stones, who have quite an extensive list of songs/albums, for which a user may be interested in sorting by rank to see which recordings to check out first. Or perhaps sort them alphabetically to see if one of their favourites is listed (and they aren't sure of the release date).

I imagine this would take a lot of time to do, but just throwing out the idea :)

Thanks for your time,

Long time fan of Acclaimed Music

Re: AM Suggestion: Sorting Columns for Artists?

In case you decide to do this, there's a jQuery plugin available that might simplify the job

Re: AM Suggestion: Sorting Columns for Artists?

Daniel, I have had similar thoughts, but I don't really have any time for these sort of things, so I don't know if I will ever do anything about it.

Anyway, thanks Stephan for your suggestion. It looks interesting.