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Rolling Stone prognostication results

What did we learn? First of all, I should stick to poker. Secondly, as a group we shouldn't gamble on music. Thirdly, if we do decide to gamble on music, give all our money to Henrik to make our bets.

Original props
1) How many Dylan and Springsteen albums will be in the top 10? (over/under: 1.5)
2) How many White Stripes albums will be in the top 100? (over/under: 2.5)
3) How many Radiohead albums will be in the top 100?
(over/under: 3.5)
4) The Rolling Stones' "Bigger Bang" will place ... (over/under: 25)
5) Which U2 album will place the highest, "All That You Can't Leave Behind," "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb" or "No Line on the Horizon"? (3-1 odds on all three.)
6) How many Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys and Beyonce albums combined will be in the top 100? (over/under: 0.5)
7) "Return to Cookie Mountain" will be the highest placing TV on the Radio album (even odds)
8) How many albums from 2009 will make the list? (over/under: 7)
9) The highest rap album will be: "Stankonia" 2-1; "The Marshall Mathers LP" 3-1; "The College Dropout" 4-1; "Late Registration" 4-1; "Speakerboxx/the Love Below" 5-1; other 6-1.
10) The combined placing of M.I.A.'s "Kala" and LCD Soundsystem's "Sound of Silver" will add up to ... (over/under: 80) If one or the other doesn't place in the top 100, over wins.

Winning bets
1) Under (1): It was really close, though, with "Love and Theft" finishing No. 11 and "The Rising" finished No. 15.
2) Under (2): Only "Elephant" and "White Blood Cells Made It." They did somehow find room for three Kings of Leons albums, and not even their best one.
3) Over (4): All of them made it, including No. 1.
4) Over (NR): I guess Jann Wenner doesn't have the influence he used to.
5) "All That You Can't Leave Behind": No. 13, the other two were Nos. 36 and 68.
6) Over (1): Alicia Keys sneaks in at No. 95.
7) No: Dear Science wins 48 to 98.
8) Under (2): I think this has been a down year, but not that bad. Only U2 and Phoenix made it.
9) Other: "The Blueprint" (No. 4) pulls a mild upset, Eminem (No. 7), Kane West (No. 10) and OutKast (No. 16) were all close.
10) Under (21): They crushed this one, with "Kala" finishing No. 9, and "Sound of Silver" finishing No. 12.

1. Henrik +110 (only person to pick other on rap albums)
2. John +30
2. Schleuse +30 (No takers on R.E.M. bet fortunately)
4. BillAdama +10
4. Nassim +10
6. Penguin 0
6. SR 0
8. ChrisF -10
8. Paul -10
10. Jackson -12
11. AlexD -36
12. Stephan -40
13. Rocky Raccoon -45
14. Moonbeam -50
15. Brose -70

Re: Rolling Stone prognostication results

I know my critics, ha ha!

Thanks Rocky for a fun game!

Re: Rolling Stone prognostication results

I have a question about your math.

How many points did I get for the U2 pick? I thought that question was 3:1 odds.

Cause, by my calculation I get:
(Wrong) -5
(Right) +5
(Wrong) -25
(Right) +5
(Right) +50
(Right) +15
(Right) +5
(Right) +5
(Wrong) -5
(Wrong) -5

= +45

Unless I'm wrong about the way you scored these.

Re: Rolling Stone prognostication results

Ooops, I forgot about the 3-1 odds on the U2 albums. Everyone picked the same album anyway. I calculated the correct answers as even odds instead of 3-1, which is probably what it should have been. So no changes.