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French musique !

I suggest making a list of all French atists you like and which are not necessarily included in the lists of this site.
I hope that Germany, Spain, Peru and other nations will follow suit.
And always with the aim of opening up to foreign cultures.
I put some Best Of just to discover the name of the artist, when I think he is totally unknown out of the country.

No electronic music here, a little beat of rock, but essentially "Chanson Française".

Are you tired to always seeing the same names in the list, this list is make for you :

To start with my favorite French album :
- Serge Gainsbourg :Histoire de Melody Nelson
- Serge Gainsbourg : L'homme à la tête de chou
- Serge Gainsbourg : Vu de l'extérieur
- Serge Gainsbourg : Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg
- Serge Gainsbourg : Initials B.B.
- Serge Gainsbourg : Gainsbourg Percussions
- Serge Gainsbourg : Gainsbourg Confidentiel
- Serge Gainsbourg : Gainsbourg n°4
- Alain Bashung : Play Blessures
- Alain Bashung : Osez Joséphine
- Alain Bashung : Chatterton
- Alain Bashung : Fantaisie Militaire
- Alain Bashung : L'imprudence
- Alain Bashung : Bleu Pétrole
- Alain Souchon : Best Of "1974-1983" and "1984-2001"
- Anaïs : The Cheap Show
- Arthur H : Négresse Blanche
- Arthur H : Adieu tristesse

Following immediately

Re: French musique !

- Barbara : Best Of "Dis, quand reviendras-tu ?"
- Benjamin Biolay : Negatif
- Benjamin Biolay : A l'origine
- Benjamin Biolay : Trash Yéyé
- Benjamin Biolay : La superbe
- Brassens : The integral (all is production is perfect. A hight level of French is required for understand the beauty of his text, for me, the Beaudelaire of the French singers).
- Brigitte Fontaine : Comme à la radio
- Brigitte Fontaine : L'incendie
- Brigitte Fontaine : French Corazon
- Brigitte Fontaine : Kekeland
- Daniel Darc : Crève-coeur
- Daniel Darc : Amours suprêmes
- Edith Piaf : Best Of
- Françoise Hardy : Best Of
- Jacques Dutronc : Best Of
- Juliette : Le festin de Juliette
- Juliette : Mutatis Mutandis
- Les Rita Mitsouko : Les Rita Mitsouko
- Les Rita Mitsouko : The No Comprendo
- Les Rita Mitsouko : Marc & Robert
- Les Rita Mitsouko : Systeme D
- Les Rita Mitsouko : Cool Frénésie
- Louise Attaque : Louise Attaque
- Louise Attaque : Comme on a dit

Re: French musique !

- M : Le Baptême
- M : Je dis Aime
- M : Qui de nous deux ?
- M : Mister Mystère
- Mano Negra : Best Of
- Manu Chao : Clandestino
- Manu Chao : Proxima Estacion Esperanza
- Michel Polnareff : Best Of : Passé-Présent
- Nino Ferrer : Best Of : CD story
- Noir Désir : Des visages, des figures
- Noir Désir : 666667 club
- Noir Désir : Veuillez rendre l'âme à qui elle appartient !
- Noir Désir : Tostaky
- Noir Désir : Du ciment sous les plaines
- Philippe Katerine : Robots après tout
- Renaud : Best Of : L'absolutely meilleur of Renaud
- Sebastien Tellier : L'incroyable véritée
- Sebastien Tellier : Politics
- Téléphone : Best Of
- Yann Tiersen : La valse des monstres
- Yann Tiersen : Rue des cascades
- Yann Tiersen : Le Phare
- Yann Tiersen : L'absente

Re: French musique !

After that, you have some artist, not French, but sing in French but Belgians:
- Brel
- Dick Annegarn.

And French singers that I like least or that I know little about :
- Yves Montand
- Charles Trenet
- Charles Aznavour
- Léo Ferré
- Jean Ferrat
- Claude Nougaro
- Michel Berger
- France Gall
- Daniel Balavoine
- Jean-Jacques Goldman
- Mylène Farmer
- Vanessa Paradis
- Sinclair
- Dominique A
- Jean-Louis Murat
- Les Wampas
- Dyonysos
- Thomas Fersen
- Camille

I hope that someone, somewhere, will find happiness.

Re: French musique !

Nicolas, Michel, PierO, Lagire, Nassim, you don't have album to recommend to our friends ?

And the German, Brazilian, australian, don't have typical unknown albums ?

Re: French musique !

Hello. Good initiative! Some suggestions, Cortex and Niagara. When I was 14 or 15 I really liked "Soleil d'Hiver" with Niagara a lot.

Re: French musique !

Hello! I thought over this for a while, and I've re-listened to some of my albums. Now I think I can add some albums to your list:

- Alain Souchon: The pop godfather of french music, I recommend the four albums he issued between 1985 and 1999, clearly his artistic peak.
* C'est comme vous voulez (1985)
* Ultra Moderne Solitude (1988)
* C'est déjà ça (1993): clearly the must have of french pop.
* Au ras des pâquerettes (1999)

- Etienne Daho: another important younger french pop singer. I actually listened to only two albums, which I both consider very good:
* Pop Satori (1986): eighties synthpop influenced.
* Paris Ailleurs (1991): the best of the two IMO.

- Renaud: a controversial artist among rock critics, I decided to like him. I list here what I think are his best albums, although there are always some throwaways on Renaud's albums.
* Marche à l'ombre (1980): the peak of his early "bad boy" period.
* Morgane de toi (1983) and Mistral Gagnant (1985): these albums are two parts of his more tender period. He sings primarily about his newborn daughter, but there are some more political songs, like the anti-Thatcher "Miss Maggie".

I also suggest to listen to the songs "Hexagone", his first 1975 hit, and "Manhattan-Kaboul", a 2002 hit duet with belgian singer Axelle Red.

- Gérard Manset: the "man in the shadow" of french rock. He is often more a producer.
* Manset / Y'a une route (1975): his best album, and the perfect introduction to his work.

- Charlélie Couture: another more obscure rocker, he is also having several other artistic activities. He's currently living in New York.
* Poèmes Rock (1981): by far his most consistent album.

- Vanessa Paradis: I don't listen much to her. But the albums I think are the best are:
* Variations sur le même t'aime (1990): written with Serge Gainsbourg.
* Divinidylle (2007): probably her best album.

I didn't listen to her eponymous 1992 english album.

- Les Wampas: well it's hard to actually find a very strong album. Didier Wampas, the leader, sings completely off-key, and much of their lyrics are forgettable. In fact, the strength of this band is basically due to the enthusiasm they put in their work, and their pop-infused punk. I'd recommend the song "Manu Chao", their strongest hit, and the controversial "Chirac en prison", which was never aired anywhere, except in a satirical show called "Les Guignols de l'info".

I would also add Charlotte Gainsbourg, "5:55" (2006) which divided the critics, but I personally like it.

I support Romain's list of Bashung and Gainsbourg albums, but I would have also added Bashung's "Pizza" (1981), an early album torn between roots rock and new wave, and Gainsbourg's "Aux armes etc..." (1979), a reggae album.

That's all I think about at the moment. I should give a new listen to my Indochine album, since I've still been unable to make myself an opinion about them.

Re: French musique !

Thanks !
It's good, some of artist I have never listen (Daho, Couture). For Daho, I have only listen "Boomerang" a duet with Danny, a song from...Gainsbourg again.

Re: French musique !

For Daho, I just listen "Boomerang" a duet with Danny, a song from...Gainsbourg again.

Yeah, I should have pointed this one out. A great song!

Re: French musique !

And for Renaud, I have a very special affection for the song "Manu" which make me cry each time I listen it !

Re: French musique !

Hubert Félix Thiefaine release another great album.
This guy is always good !

An extract of Défloration 13 (2001):
Guichet 102.

And for HRS, who love essentially the female voices, here a selection of recent French "chanteuses":
Olivia Ruiz :
LA femme chocolat.
Elle panique.
Amélie les crayons :
Le petit caillou.
Ta douleur.
Juliette Noureddine
Rimes féminines.
Vanessa Paradis
Divines Idylle.
Je suis un homme.
Mon coeur, mon amour.
Camélia Jordana
Calamity Jane.
Adrienne Pauly
J'veux un mec.
Pauline Croze
Je ferai sans.
Elodie Frégé
La fille de l'après-midi.
Mademoiselle K
Jouer dehors.

Bonne écoute !

Re: French musique !

Ange ou démon.

Re: French musique !

Hell Yeah o/