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Re: Normandy . Thanks

Hi Ron. Got trapped in the traffic going to Arromanche, very chaotic and lot of French gesticulating. Bike got a bit hot but got her going again. Saw Andy later just to let him know I was heading back to Bayeux. Saw Andy and co at the parade on Sunday in Bayeux. I promise to use this site more now. Andy

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Re: Normandy . Thanks

Hi Andy It was pleasure to meet you ...It was very brave ( mad :joy: ) of you to go to Normandy on your own with a bike only recentley aquired ..well done! Hope to see you again next year as Ron ,Maz ,myself and all the gang will undoubtly be there.The roads will be quieter with no traffic jams to over heat the bike .We are always to found at the Reine Mathide campsite at Etreham over the week spanning the 6th .Hope to see you over there again. All the best ..the other Andy

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