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Quick steering head disassembly question

Hello All

I've nearly stripped bike down ready for powder coating but ran into a question to ask regarding steering head and fork disassembly. I attach a marked up pic to refer to. Basically do i need to compress the suspension spring before I remove the red arrowed cap nut that seems to hold the stem column top yoke in place. The blue arrowed nut obviously just comes off. However, my concern is that after releasing the pinch clamp on the stem and then undoing the red nut the threads might get damaged. As it is undone, i see the spring pushes that whole top yoke up as the nut is undone and i fear that as the final thread are reached the spring might force it off and damage the final few threads.

Can anyone offer best way to get this off safely?



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Re: Quick steering head disassembly question

Remove the nut on the top of the spring first. Then remove the top top links. Swivel the forks backwards to release the spring from the top yoke. then remove the bottom links. The steering stem is removed separately last.

Replacement is just a reversal of the above procedure. Ron

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Re: Quick steering head disassembly question

Hello Ron

that worked a treat. I think i was over complicating things as usual !! :)

cheers Neil

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