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Re: D-Day Normandy Regulations. NEW

Lots of MVT took them as a precaution. Lots offered them to French customs (I dont think any were asked for!). Some were processed, others met with queried looks. Typical bureaucracy. But I guess there will be the occasion that it will cause someone grief.

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Re: D-Day Normandy Regulations. NEW

We had no problems at all with either Customs or Passport control. In fact quite the opposite, none of the bikes in our van were inspected or their paperwork. All Border security were interested in was that there were no people in the back of the van who shouldn't be there. Our van recently came back from Portugal with English and Portuguese registered bikes in the back. Again no checks on the bikes, just checking for people. The Passport control people in Portsmouth and Ouistreham were friendly,very professional and great fun. Actually the nicest exit and entry back into the UK I can remember.

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