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Re: Questions about Boring out the cylinder

Just looked up the spec of that liner...

Flanged Repair Liner

Part Number: WCL 28DFL

Semi Finished Bore: 88.10mm Less 1.00 for final boring
Outside Diameter: 93.13mm
Overall Length: 228.60mm
Flange Diameter: 97.03mm
Flange Depth: 3.05mm

With its outside diameter being only 93mm, when bored to suit a 90mm piston you're only going to have about 1.5mm of liner wall left, What I know about liners you could fit on a postage stamp hence why I started this thread but I'd have expected to need more than that, you live and learn.

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Re: Questions about Boring out the cylinder

Ian Wright
I'd have to run some measurements on a linered barrel to confirm whether it is possible...I'll do it when I get home after my impending trip...Ian
Have you changed your mind about coming to Normandy?

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