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Re: Varley Dry Motorcycle Battery

From a current eBay listing. The leaflets are post-war as the most recent patent referred to was applied 1948 and granted 1951. The earliest number dates from mid-1939 but no indication of when production commenced.

There is at least an explantion of the technology. The Varley Dry Motorcycle Battery was indeed a lead-acid type but with the acid absorbed in matting. In effect, an early version of the AGM battery but not as low maintenance.





Re: Varley Dry Motorcycle Battery

A bit more about "dryfit" I remember them from Military portable radio equipment.


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Re: Varley Dry Motorcycle Battery

Those are modern Gel batteries Mark. The older type as in torches and radios were Zinc-Carbon I think? Ron

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Re: Varley Dry Motorcycle Battery

Nice one Rik! Matchless used Varleys on their last couple of contracts, so still looking for one, hope Arnaud will make some, as he has the original!

I do have an NOS postwar one, but they are different as said before.


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Re: Varley Dry Motorcycle Battery

I think someone will have to visit Arnaud and check that he's all right!:face_with_thermometer: Ron

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