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Re: Half Crown

I got lucky on eBay this evening.


It lacks the 2/6 of the pre-war type and seems to match the M20 parts list illustration.


It seems logical that if the tins were for Government contracts, the 2/6d price tag was not needed.


Re: Half Crown

Strange that they put Half A Crown and 2/6. Back then, everyone knew that Half A Crown and 2/6 were the same thing. So effectively it still has the price on it.

For many, many years as I grew up, spark plugs were also 2/6. Ron

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Re: Half Crown

Nice example Rik

I hadn't noticed that Rons had the 2/6' printed on it, my red/black ink example doesn't either.

All my later ww2 black ink examples don't have 2/6' marked, but one has a small round paper sticker with (ROMAC 3').

I also have a few shorter tins

2 different "Junior" tins, a red/black example with 1/6' and a black only without.

2 different smaller still, one marked "Shilling 1'" and one originally unpriced but "1/2" inked onto the side, both black ink only.

And I still regret not buying the half a crown tin I saw at Beaulieu several years ago which had a complete wrap around paper label.


Re: Half Crown

Rob, I half wondered whether the 2/6 disappeared as the price had increased during the late 1930s but they probably wouldn't have been allowed to call it the "Half-a-Crown" if it cost more.

The Brown Brothers catalogue for 1939 though still lists it at 2/6d. I'll have to have another go at a time line for these. There are so many variations !

I'm happy with the 2/6 on for a late 1939 Norton but a mid-war BSA probably shouldn't have it. Norton had changed to the Dunlop tin by the latter part of 1940.

Re: Half Crown

I just bought a pair of the pointed Romac scissors on ebay. Ron

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Re: Half Crown

These scissors came free. They're the only contents though.

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