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BSA M20 Reassembling a box of bits,

Could anyone explain the purpose of the blanking nuts, one hexagonal in the timing cover the other a large slot headed screw just below in the crank case valve/oil pump area, also I have cleaned and restored the oil pump, it now turns freely but on the odd occasion seems to snag, is it a gonner or should I risk using it.

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Re: BSA M20 Reassembling a box of bits,

Colin the hex plug is the oil non return valve (Ball and spring) It doesn't hurt to clean it out and fit a new 1/4" ball. Give it a sharp tap with a skinny drift to give it a new seat.

The other screw is a blanking plug from the days when they used to be fitted with an oil tell tale plunger....Just ignore it.

The oil pump should turn quite freely but some slight notchyness is acceptable as long as you can overcome it by hand.


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Re: BSA M20 Reassembling a box of bits,

Thanks for the speedy reply

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