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Gearbox oil leak query

While my bike is apart ahead of the visit to Normandy I decided to change out the mainsheet bearing for the sealed variety. The bearing change was easier than I anticipated and it still changes gear ok on the bench. When I stripped the bike I found the clutch plates soaked in oil and the manual refers to the importance of a "small felt washer" at stopping oil from reaching the clutch! . I didn't remove one of these and can't find a reference to it in the parts book I have. Does it slip over the clutch push rod before you put the cover back on? Part number?

Cheers, Stuart





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Re: Gearbox oil leak query

Found it - 15-270

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Re: Gearbox oil leak query

Hi Stuart
There are 2 felts used on the gearbox
1/ push rod felt - quite small & often lost in time
Hard to find available to buy - mark at PES had a correctly shaped / formed batch made recently

2/ main shaft felt - this tapered felt fits into the outside of the 4th gear / sleeve gear where the main shaft protrudes - you will note a recess in the outer of sleeve gear where this is to be positioned

Hope this helps


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Re: Gearbox oil leak query

Hi John,

I did indeed find it on Marks website and have added it to my basket. I have the seal the other end of the mainsheet.


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Re: Gearbox oil leak query

The other felt John mentions is

Thanks Suart and John


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